Journal of Unification Studies Volume XIV - (2013)

 Table of Contents

1. Sun Myung Moon's Approach to the Bible - Written by Theodore T. Shimmyo (pdf)

2. Evangelical Mission, Congregational Polity - Written by Tyler O. Hendricks (pdf)

3. Succession: An Open Letter to My Dear Unificationist Friends - Written by Warren Lewis (pdf)

4. Battle for the Americas - Written by Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

5. Paradoxes of Life: Challenges, Responses, and the Meaning of Life - Written by Keisuke Noda (pdf)

6. God before Time: Could Physics Reveal that God Emerged by Chance? - Written by John Coles (pdf)

7. Collision Theory in Developmental Relationship - Written by David Burton (pdf)

8. Parallels between Unification Thought and Numbers - Written by Adrian de Groot (pdf)

9. BOOK REVIEW: Bernard Spilka and Kevin L. Ladd, The Psychology of Prayer: A Scientific Approach - Written by Josephine Hauer (pdf)

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