Journal of Unification Studies Volume XV - (2014)

 Table of Contents

1. Significance of Reverend Sun Myung Moon for Christianity - Written by Andrew Wilson (pdf)

2. Continuity and Innovation: The last Year's of Rev. Moon's Ministry, 2009-2012 - Written by Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

3. "Returning Resurrection" In the Apocalypse of Peter John Olivi: Unificationist Theology in the 13th Century? - Written by Warren Lewis (pdf)

4. Issues in the "Matching" of First Generation Unification Church Members in the Post Rev. Moon Era - Written by Tina Fields (pdf)

5. Neo-Confucian Principle(s) in the Thought of Sun Myung Moon - Written by Thomas Selover (pdf)

6. Two Aspects of Love in God's Heart in Unification Theism: Biblical Evidence - Written by Theodore T. Shimmyo (pdf)

7. God's Silence - Written by Keisuke Noda (pdf)

8. Evolution and Unification Thought: an Alternative Approach - Written by David Burton (pdf)

9. Comment by Jonathan Wells - Written by Jonathan Wells (pdf)

10. Burton's Response - Written by David Burton (pdf)

11. Dimensional Translation: Travel in the Spirit World - Written by Kerry Pobanz (pdf)

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