Journal of Unification Studies Volume XVI (2015)

 Table of Contents

1. Reverend Moon's Early Teaching on God as Heavenly Parent - Written by Andrew Wilson (pdf)

2. God and the World: Advantages of the Unification Doctrine of God's Dual Characteristics - Written by Theodore Shimmyo (pdf)

3. The Need to Recover Gender Balance, to Understand God as both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother - Written by Ye-Jin Moon (pdf)

4. From Unification Thought to Unification Philosophy - Written by Keisuke Noda (pdf)

5. The Great Jubilee Years 2007-08: A Transition Period in Unification Movement History - Written by Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

6. Paraguay as a Holy Land: From the Guarani Indians to Reverend Sun Myung Moon - Written by Ronald J. Brown (pdf)

7. The Four-Position Foundation as a Tetrahedron and its Relevance to Biblical Numerology and the Natural Sciences - Written by Jessie Deocares (pdf)

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