Journal of Unification Studies Volume XX - (2019)

 Table of Contents

1. A Short History of Unification Theological Seminary: The Barrytown Years - Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

2. The Unification Doctrine of the Fall - Theodore Shimmyo (pdf)

3. Challenges and New Development in the Emerging Women's Leadership in Unification Church Ministry - Grace Selover (pdf)

4. The Unification Movement Today in Light of the Parallels of History - Tyler Hendricks (pdf)

5. Biblical Proofs that Jesus Should Have Married - Robert S. Kittel (pdf)

6. Knowledge of God: An Issue for Epistemology in Unification Thought - Andrew Wilson (pdf)

7. The Ideal of Interdependence in Cheon Il Guk and Corporate Governance - Robert Shairer (pdf)

8. How an Abstract God Could Create a Substantial Universe - Richard L. Lewis (pdf)

9. Book Review: Free Marie, by Maree Gauper - Alexa Bonner (pdf)

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