Journal of Unification Studies Volume XXIV - (2023)

 Table of Contents

Table of Contents (pdf)

1. A Transformative Approach to Conflict and Violence - Drissa Kone (pdf)

2. Celebrating 25 Years of the Good Friday Agreement - Colm Ó Cionnaith (pdf)

3. The "Post-Protestant Thesis": The Decline of Cultural Consensus and Path to Its Recovery - James B. Edgerly (pdf)

4, Note on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Pacifism - Susan Bouachri (pdf)

5, A World of Structures: Critical Examination and Theorization under Unification Thought - Janic Aguirre Fukuno (pdf)

6. Divorce in the Unificationist Faith Community - Sungmi Holdhus (pdf)

7, The Unification Doctrine of the Fall and the Writings of Irenaeus of Lyon - Vassilios Bebis (pdf)

8. A Rejoinder to Dr. Bebis - Theodore Shimmyo (pdf)

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