The Words of the Harley Family

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Questions and prompts to help write down memories of the early church days (Sam Harley - September 7, 2016 pdf)

My first workshop in Booneville (Sam Harley - October 8, 2016 pdf)

My Front-Line Christmases (Sam Harley - December 18, 2016 pdf)

A Spiritual Experience I Had While Fundraising (Sam Harley - December 19, 2016 pdf)

MFT Fundraising Lines (Sam Harley - January 18, 2017 pdf)

Have you had an experience where True Father spoke directly to you? (Sam Harley - February 13, 2017 pdf)

MFT - Testing... testing... (Sam Harley - February 25, 2017 pdf)

Talking to someone who is convinced you're a mindless zombie (Sam Harley - February 28, 2017 pdf)

How I Joined the Church (Sam Harley - March 27, 2017 pdf)

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