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National Peace Council of Israel: 2009 Report

Hod Ben Zvi
April 16, 2010
Secretary General, UPF-Israel

Jerusalem, Israel - Throughout 2009, our Israeli Peace Council met the 3rd and 18th days of each month, with an average of five council members plus staff. The council consists of a number of long-time and new Ambassadors for Peace. These include women leaders, academics, present and former Jerusalem city councilors, as well as political advisers to government ministers and parliament members. We are grateful to also include two youth members, one an Israeli Jew and the other an Arab Muslim.

Some of the more important topics that we have discussed during 2009 included our mission as a national alliance, our objectives as the renewal of the nation, the need for think tanks, reviving Middle East Peace Initiative activities, support for various United Nations commemorative days, resolving problems between Israelis and Palestinians, the history of the problems in the Holy Land, Rev. Sun Myung Moon insights about Israel, local problems in East Jerusalem, intermarriage as a process of peace, the intifada and peace negotiations, a proposed joint fishery project between Israel and Gaza, and having a vision to go beyond judging and planting bridges instead.

We concluded the year by enjoying an evening out at a fine restaurant in Jerusalem with all the participants of the Israeli Peace Council and their spouses, looking forward to an even better year for 2010. 

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