The Words of the Blanchard Family

Announcement of the ascension to the spirit world of Mr. Henri Blanchard

January 21, 2006

The French FFWPU HQ would like to make the announcement of the ascension to the spirit world of Mr. Henri Blanchard, on Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 12 am in the hospital in Vannes.

He was born on April 22 1943 (62 years old).

He joined as the first member of the Unification Church in France, on March 21, 1968.

He received the Blessing on October 21, 1970 (777 Couples)

With his wife, Hilde, they have 4 children.

His European Level Seung Hwa Ceremony will be held at 1 pm, on Tuesday, January 24, 2006, near his house, in Vannes (Bretagne)

His Won Jeon Ceremony will be held at 4 pm, Tuesday, January 24, 2006, in Cemetery of Calmont, Vannes.

If you want to send a message to his wife, Hilde, and their children, you can do so:

- either by sending it to our e-mail (we will print it and give it to them)

- or by sending it directly by mail to : Mrs. Hilde Blanchard, 56000 Vannes, France.

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