The Words of the Blanchard Family

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Meeting Father In Paris (Henri Blanchard - April 5, 1969)

Christians and Moslems can't unify the Arab World (Remi Blanchard - January 21, 1970)

In Lebanon there are a few demonstrations, but everything remains in a deep sleep (Remi Blanchard - April, 21 1970)

I have contacted people from all Arab nations (Remi Blanchard - June 22, 1970)

Now a young girl is studying deeply (Remi Blanchard - July 23, 1970)

Questions and answers about Korean Blessed families (Corrie Blanchard - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Out Leader (Henri Blanchard - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Lebanon Report (Remi Blanchard - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

During this month, our Father gave us a small center (Remi and Corry Blanchard - February 7, 1971)

During this month more students came to the center (Remi and Corry Blanchard - April 4, 1971)

18 visitors came to hear the introduction of The Divine Principle (Remi and Corry Blanchard - May 11, 1971)

Now we have great hope because of our new brother Sami (Remi and Corry Blanchard - July 9, 1971)

We read the Divine Principle in Arabic (Remi and Corry Blanchard - October 9, 1971)

We pray for the safety of our homeland, Korea (Remi and Corry Blanchard - December 13, 1971)

True Parents have given us so much power (Remi Blanchard - May 1, 1972 pdf)

We believe God will open a way for His family in this Arab country (Remi Blanchard - June 1, 1972 pdf)

We are looking to spread the word as more as possible (Remi Blanchard - September 30, 1972 pdf)

Lebanese Family members are in Europe (Remi and Corry Blanchard - May 1973 pdf)

Spiritual children are coming to the Lebanese Family (Remi and Corry Blanchard - June 1973 pdf)

The Lebanese Family held a conference every weekend (Remi and Corry Blanchard - July 1973 pdf)

IOWC overcame a bombing, kidnappings, and negative press coverage in Paris (Henri Blanchard - March 1976 pdf)

Testimony of Henri Blanchard (1985)

In the Name of True Love (Henri Blanchard - 1986)

Announcement of the ascension to the spirit world of Mr. Henri Blanchard (January 21, 2006)

European Level Seung Hwa Ceremony (January 24th 2006)

Our Beloved Brother Rev. Henri Blanchard Has Passed Into Spirit World (Chang Shik Yang - January 27, 2006)

8 years ago our dear brother Henri Blanchard ascended into the heavenly realm (Colette Takigawa - January 20, 2014)

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