The Words of the Blanchard Family

In Lebanon there are a few demonstrations, but everything remains in a deep sleep

Remi Blanchard
April, 21 1970
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Dear Family,

In Lebanon, during this month, our Father has again found Himself alone. Many people have been contacted but not one could make enough effort to see that the Return of Christ is at their doors. Only one boy is continuing the study of Divine Principle.

The Lebanese people are preoccupied with their own problems: the Palestinians, the Israelites, the Americans. Meanwhile, a great reality is there: money is the only means to change their relationship towards the Communists or the Americans.

There are a few demonstrations, but everything remains in a deep sleep. The Arab Capitals are protected from Israeli air raids which bombard the country villages.

On Parents' Day, our father was alone without a child in this Lebanese country, without being able to share His joy.

The struggle continues, with you all, my dear family, in the steps of Our True parents.

All my love in their blessed name.

Monsei! Monsei! Monsei!

Remi Blanchard 

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