The Words of the Blanchard Family

8 years ago our dear brother Henri Blanchard ascended into the heavenly realm

Colette Takigawa
January 20, 2014

8 years ago, when I received a call from the French National leader that Henri had only a few days to live, I was in Korea. I quickly made the necessary preparations to go and I said a short prayer asking our Heavenly Parent to alleviate Henri's physical pain and begging him to keep Henri alive until I arrived. At that time, I was still hoping that I could talk with him before he went.

When I arrived at the airport, one French sister, Josiane, was waiting for me and we immediately started the journey to Britany (about 500 kms trip). At around midnight, we stopped in a motel to have a little rest. The following morning, Josiane asked me if it was OK to leave without having breakfast and I agreed to leave immediately.

When we arrived in Henri's hospital room, it was clear that he was almost gone and was physically unable to hear and talk. Nevertheless, I murmured in his ear: "This is Colette, I came from Korea". At that point he took his last breath as if to say: "Now I can go!". Soon after Ko-Francoise, his eldest daughter, realized that Henri was not breathing and called the nurse who confirmed that Henri had left us(at least physically).

I wanted to share this experience with you, my twin brothers and sisters to remind you, first of all that our Heavenly Parent answers our prayers, however small or seemingly selfish like mine when we are sincere and, second, to remind you that the connection that was made between all of us 84 twins is an eternal one. Actually, my motivation when I asked our Heavenly Parent to keep Henri alive until I arrive was to tell him not to worry about our mission in Korea.

Today, let us have a short prayer for our twins who ascended before us into the Heavenly world, our sister Linda Trigoll, our brother Victor Lim and our elder brother Henri who, like Moses in the wilderness, died without being able to enter Canaan, yet seeing Canaan in the horizon. Wishing you all the best in your various responsibilities! Love.

Your sister Colette 

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