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Christians and Moslems can't unify the Arab World

Remi Blanchard
January 21, 1970
Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Today it is exactly one month, since the Divine Principle has come to Lebanon.

I thank very much our Heavenly Father and Master for having chosen and blessed this nation as one of the 40 countries which will be restored first.

How much love the French family has given in the preparation for this beginning. Now the family gives a very strong spiritual help.

2.000 years ago Lebanon one of the first countries which should have received Christ. During the past month the people here have shown me several aspects which will help by the restoration of this part of the world. The Lebanon people love to have contact with other people and friend and take this a great part of their day. They love France very much and this has helped that several people come to the center in Beirut to listen to the introduction of the Divine Principle.

Especially young people had come, but nobody has returned. At the moment there is one person who is studying the Divine Principle, and wants to help in the development of our movement. We will see.

Lebanon has a great chance compared with the other Arab countries, because there are many Christians besides Moslems. The other Arab countries have more Moslems. Here in Lebanon the country is ruled by both religions.

Christians and Moslems are divided in numerous groups. These religions can't unify the Arabic world. One has said to me: "You want to bring a new religion, but we have already for too many." The Arabs are very much connected with old traditions in the worship of God and refuse communism strongly. This has been the reason why people from Armenia had come as refuges to Lebanon.

With lots of optimism, the optimism of our Father, the fanaticism of these people has to be straightened out in the direction of the Divine Principle. The Arabs are very hospitable. It is the same hospitality that Zacchaeus had for Jesus; bread, room, but Zacchaeus has given his salary. The life of the Arabs is always centered around the family. Adults and children stay close to their parents. Our message will get around quickly since they are living so close together. We will see how deeply they understand and realize.

The students arc always in strike. The war with Israel is reality, but the people of Lebanon want to have nothing to do with it. The great warriors in the Arabic history have understood to profit from the Arab heart, in order to lead them to listen.

All together, all the missionaries from these Arab nations want to give back this part of the world to our Heavenly Father and to our True Parents as soon as possible.

Much love the name of our True Parents

Remi Blanchard 

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