The Words of the Blanchard Family

Questions and answers about Korean Blessed families

Corrie Blanchard
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

Question: How Blessed Couples Live in Korea

I'm very glad to meet you. I want to talk about the blessed couples in Korea. When we went to Korea and we had the feeling they were so natural with the other members, it gave us a very nice feeling. I liked this very much. One time we were outside the Sunday service and the center leaders led the service at five am. That brought us closer to them. In Korea we saw many blessed couples, first we saw Father and Mother, especially how they worked with other members. It was really wonderful how their parents loved the children so much. The women are always working: women do chores in the house and also in the house and also in the Church or factory, especially for this time busy making clothes and soon. They all showed such love and always assisted us before being asked. Also the men worked so hard so busy even that they only came home once a week.

Question: What about the children?

When we were there they built a new building with their children on their backs. They worked and worked, from early morning to late evening. The women really served the men. We western people must be more oriental in outlook.

Question: How about the education of the children?

Children play with natural things such as sandstone -- no toys. Also when at school they are told they are different from other children. So in that way parents of the old world and other children can see the difference.

The children of the Leader are very natural. 

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