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Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Alison Byer
November 21, 1998

The original three seven year courses to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on earth should have started on a successful foundation, and built up from there. However, due to starting on no foundation (everything lost, no Christian foundation left) the alternative course had to be followed, which meant starting again to rebuild the foundation. So the three seven year courses became courses to set up a foundation on family, national and world levels. Father is in the position of John the Baptist, making a foundation on which he will later proclaim himself and his wife as True Parents, after the 40 years indemnity course is finished.

The first 7 year course ended in failure, as Father's wife left. This was then extended to a 21 year course, as were inevitably the following courses, national and world. However the national and world level courses, now 21 years each, still began at the originally appointed times, so at 7 year intervals. Therefore they were running consecutively.

Family level: 1945-1967
National level: 1953-1974
World level: 1960-1981

Family level:

Father had to set up somebody in the position of Eve. 1952, the first one failed, second attempt therefore 1953 or so. This failed, so third attempt 1960. This was successful (Mother was still there after having to set up the conditions to restore the failure of the first 2 wives, resolve the concubine/wife issue (hence Sammy etc) ) and Father could pronounce God's Day conditionally at that point. Conditionally means True Parents were still in the John the Baptist position, not restored Adam and Eve position, because no world wide foundation yet existed.

National level:

Since the family level finally worked out, at least in the sense of having the positions filled, the national level could be attempted. Nothing could happen until Mother was in place, so early attempts ended in failure (this means they could have been successful, and thereby supported the emergence of Eve, but without a foundation, they're on their own against Satan, and that usually doesn't turn out very well). So the beginning attempt to reach the Korean government to have them make some positive gesture towards Father fails in the 50s. Ewha, Maria Pak, Syngman Rhee, etc. This was the start of the 21 year providence. 1953-60-67 all failures to reach the Korean government. So 1967-1973 Father makes an international foundation to try to reach Korea. He returns to Korea, but again is rejected by the government. Therefore the 21 year course ends in failure, there is no foundation from the national level for the world level course to be successful, so the world level foundation falls apart. Nixon happens.


This is the 21 year course you asked about. Starts with no foundation from the national level in 1960, therefore all the western preparation is lost, the 60s happen but what starts as good gets invaded without the foundation. 1974-1981 is basically about paying indemnity and being attacked, as the US members know.

Now we get to the children's course, starting 1981. True Parents have done what they can do, their foundation is what it is, but there are further steps. Particularly, and here we're getting into personal speculation, leaving behind stuff which can be found in speeches etc, the problem of the Eve foundation. Mother is a Korean woman and her course is obedience. Westerners would have brought the more liberated foundation of women (one of the main reasons I believe there should have been a western Eve originally). Therefore the children's course means the children are now setting up a foundation and paying for past failures. It begins with the 1982 Blessing. In the Blessings stuff beyond simply setting up the positions has to be restored, so the members face impossible challenges and indemnity gets paid, a foundation of heart is created bridging gaps created by the lack of parental heart which followed the western non-participation in the providence. Specifically the lack of the motherly heart in the west, which happens as women focus on their own needs and try to resolve their problems by killing the archangel and taking his possessions.

All this is now successfully completed, at least to the extent that Father is now about to proclaim us victorious over Satan in the February Blessing, world wide proclamation of victory, and the beginning of the new age. A new women's movement will emerge, centered on fulfillment of personal responsibility, loving the kids, and finally being able to play their proper role in public life as well as the blossoming of individuality from the feminine perspective.

The 21 year course from 1985 will have to wait for the next post.

I am just giving some of my own thinking here and there (usually I note it) and some stuff I may have got wrong, so please feel free to correct any of this, anybody.

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