The Words of the Byer Family

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ICC Alumni Activities in New York (David Byer - November 1988)

40 Year Course, 1960-1981 (Alison Byer 11/21/98 )

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (Alison Byer 11/21/98)

Original Three Seven-Year Courses (Alison Byer 11/21/98)

Providential Musings Continued (Alison Byer 12/2/98)

Clinton the Archangel (Alison Byer 12/9/98)

Relying on Spirit World (Alison Byer - March 25, 2000)

Restoration Course of Eve (Alison Byer - September 16, 2003)

Reflection on Foundation Day (David Byer - February 26, 2013)

Eight fundamental areas to be addressed in a healthy society (Alison Wakelin Byer - April 11, 2014 pdf)

I spent many, many hours praying and fasting at the Holy Ground in rain or shine, trying to understand what God needed from me: A testimony of the Delaware Holy Ground (David Byer - July 25, 2014 pdf)

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