The Words of the Byer Family

40 Year Course, 1960-1981

Alison Byer
November 21, 1998

The 40 years from 1945-1985 represented the time of indemnity for the failure of the original course. The original course was to have been 1945-1953 family level - establishment of the True Parents' position, 1953-1960 national level - establishment of a nation centered on True Parents (based on universal Blessing, I presume) and 1960-1967 world level - establishment of a world wide acceptance of the ideal, including the third Blessing of restoration of the originally intended order of dominion of our relationship with the creation.

This all failed in 1945 or 6, since Father couldn't find the original Eve, in my opinion, or because the Eves he did find couldn't make it, for whatever reason. A failure on the world level providence of this magnitude actually can't be made up on the same level, which requires the providence to go to the cosmic level (including spirit world). But at least the positions have to be fulfilled in order for there to be some condition for continuation of the providence, so Father had to establish the True Parents position, and find a nation and make some world-level condition of acceptance and manifestation of the ideal. therefore he took on the John the Baptist position for 40 years, finally taking on the messianic position again in 1985, at which point his task became to raise Eve to the equal position. I believe it's all somewhat symbolic, since I don't think the original failure can be completely restored within the same world level. So Father said in one speech that even if he is totally successful, still there has to be a cosmic level providence.

Anyway, on the basis of the 40 years indemnity period, the original pattern is followed based on three seven year courses.

I don't have references to speeches on hand, but there were a whole lot round about 1992, for instance, and I think probably since then.

The 7 year national level course had to start with some condition of acceptance of Father on the part of the nation involved. South Korea's president wasn't open to making any statement in this line, so that's why it was so important for Father to go to North Korea and be welcomed by Kim Il Sung. Without that there would have been no condition to start the second 7 year course, the national level. Even so, it seems like Korea is still really precarious, since Father is setting up the South American stuff as a fall back, in case the nation has to be totally symbolic, centering completely on the Unification Church. I'm fairly sure somebody in America has to make some similar gesture of acceptance of Father or the Unification Church in some way, in order for the world level providence to begin. So be nice to Clinton.

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