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Clinton the Archangel

Alison Byer
December 9, 1998

The way I look at things, the central focus of the providence right now is to establish the equal participation of Eve with Adam. This means that Heavenly Mother wants to be heard, on an equal footing with Heavenly Father. Historically we have heard from Heavenly Father, and the message has been, this is the law, follow it, often accompanied by dire threats of punishment in the case of aberrations. However, we've been hearing a very one-sided perspective, not representative of the true heart of God, because there hasn't been a foundation for the incredibly loving, embracing side to be received and officially proclaimed along with the other side. Women haven't had that authority or position. And this isn't just because men haven't given it to them.

Women have been in the position of relative weakness, and the realities of historical abuses, whether directed consciously towards them, or just simply the horrors of watching their men folk go off to war and be killed over and over, losing their children to war, disease, etc, have been felt as devastating and disempowering. Women basically need love, and need to find their own source of strength. The women's revolution in the west represented women claiming their right to an equal position with men, but got a little misdirected as the women tended to express their resentment rather than their true nature, the love in their hearts.

This is our situation today. In America we see the Democrats in power, and the Democrats are more inclined to care about the underprivileged and the poor. They actually want to pass laws that would channel some of the resources towards these people, rather than trust to the trickle down theory of the Republicans, which clearly has its limitations. Anyway, although these aren't absolute, and although there is much corruption and impurity of motive, relatively speaking the Democrats represent the Eve side of government. Eve is trying to gain power in the US, and Clinton then embodies the feminine side of politics, from this perspective.

Clearly Clinton also embodies the situation of women, while specifically being in the Archangel situation. He has been constantly haunted by his own need for love, for acceptance. This seems to stem from his somewhat underprivileged background, just like the women's situation stems from her victim status throughout history. So the choice for America and Clinton now is what to do about it.

The Republicans are approaching this from the perspective of political power. They are accusing Clinton on the basis of his actions, which clearly stemmed from his need for love, mostly in order to justify their holding on to power. Eve won't get into power in the short term if the Republicans are successful. Men are doing what men have done, regard Eve as weak and accuse her for her weaknesses, without any thought for their own responsibility for creating her condition.

The committee seeking to impeach Clinton really has decided right from the start to do so, and they are embodying with enthusiasm the Archangel's accusation, using points of the law to justify their actions. They are not listening to human judgment, the capacity which the law was intended to serve, not exclude, because they are essentially motivated to regain power into their own hands and defeat the Democrats. Therefore human error is elevated to the status of impeachable offense in the service of a political goal, and it is placed alongside the category of subversion of American society together with Watergate, even though the core violation is clearly different in nature.

Democrats are defending Eve, motives probably not all that high when it comes down to it - they see it as a power issue too, I'm sure, but at least they are pointing out the Republican motivations quite accurately.

Clinton has a choice now, and he seems to have gone through some genuine repentance, but repentance can't remain genuine while he continues to be attacked and can't find a voice of embrace and understanding of the greater perspective (preferably the spiritual perspective) to help him through this. He needs to understand that he was wrong, but this doesn't take away his value, the rest of him, the desire to help others, the powerful intellect, all this is still good and valuable. God chose him to take America through this transition time into equality of power, and he needs to understand this, even while facing the fact that he has weaknesses in the area of needing love. Former presidents, and presidents in other countries, have taken mistresses and taken power without any thought that they weren't entitled to by virtue of their own elevated position of power. Clinton apparently avoided having actual sexual intercourse with Monica because he felt some conscience deriving from his Baptist upbringing. Really quite unique if you think about it, given the standards of history.

Where can Clinton find a voice of understanding? So far, only from the US people who recognize their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and are not so inclined to accuse him. Women mostly, I suspect, but men too. But he really needs to see the higher perspective of the necessity of claiming his good side on behalf of the urgent need for a condition to be set up to protect the providence of the Motherly heart of God. This heart sees the perfection and the beauty despite the imperfections and the hurts, She sees the strong desire to do good and to make life more bearable for the underprivileged, and She can forgive the sins because She knows they derive from the most urgent impulse, the need for love. This need was implanted in us as our greatest strength, and has been used against us throughout history by a manipulative force, which we can see as either a fallen archangel, or as our own psychological state. For Eve to emerge, first we need a foundation, which can only come by people embracing the imperfect and seeing the good, the motivations, through all the imperfections.

England already did this, in embracing Diana so completely in her death, even knowing her to be imperfect. People stood up almost against their religious indoctrination, and loved her for her heart, so Tony Blair can come and successfully do some heart work in the world right now, because she gave the English people an opportunity to make a condition for Eve to emerge there. She paid for England's past lack of love, while allowing the people to demonstrate that they regarded her heart as more important than her performance according to traditional standards. Of course, she did well in fulfilling her required duties, she couldn't have done anything if she had totally messed up on these. But she never let go of her fundamental values in order to fulfill her role as one of the powerful, the elite.

As long as Clinton continues to fulfill his duties to the best of his (considerable) ability, he can perform the same function for America - allow them to embrace both Eve and Archangel actually. Eve, represented by the American people, can forgive and raise up the Archangel, recognizing his weaknesses, but pushing him to resolve them in a higher way. If America embraces and forgives, then it will represent a condition for Eve to embrace and forgive the Archangel. But America needs to also acknowledge that such actions can't solve the problem. On that foundation, the next president can be a much more powerful representative for the people, and can actually do something to help the underprivileged, and get the Archangel out of the position of control of all of America's institutions.

Essentially an exact replica of Nixon, which likewise occurred at the start of the world level providence (failed then) centering on America. I think the right solution is the same - forgive, love and unite.

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