The Words of the Byer Family

Relying on Spirit World

Alison Byer
March 25, 2000

I see the problem of excessive blaming of others as being due to not being able to embrace your own "fallen" self. We all started off on some form of behavior modification in the UC, rather than suddenly becoming really integrated people, but then as stuff started to surface I think people reacted differently. It seems to me, that the main problem is that of "true Eve" not being able to embrace "fallen Eve", so that when we began to see how desperately we needed love we ran away from it in denial instead of being open about it (at least with ourselves) and clung on to the law as our protection from the "evil" inside us. You can't live an integrated, happy life like this.

To my mind, Father's whole mission has been to proclaim forgiveness, the end of God seeing the original sin and the beginning of God relating to our original goodness. We have to be able to embrace our fallen selves -- and this means temporarily at least identify with that part of us we're running away from, and having confidence that we are good people, and we will eventually get through this and get to the root of our own hearts. I don't think you can go through this without discovering that God loves you, all of you, including the you that needs love and that sees stuff like homosexuality, fornication etc. as reasonable ways to resolve your need for love. I don't mean that we have to do all these things, but we have to look at them honestly and make decisions in real situations, rather than run a mile from dealing with them. We get through this only because God has given us permission to see ourselves as people no longer controlled by original sin. Of course, its up to us to make that decision, and claim that relationship with God.

I think many people I know who give the UC its bad name internally are people who are stuck in denying their own real heart and their own anger, doubts, fear etc, and chose to impose on themselves and those around them the strict law and judgment approach, which we should all have grown out of by now. People who leave such a fear-based dominion are right in rejecting it, but I can't see that rejecting the whole thing is called for. I guess you really have to decide if your leaders' state of mind is due to his own decisions or to SMM.

Fear is quite powerful stuff, the real ruler of the world at large. I think Father throws it in our face so as we have to deal with it. Some of his judgmental proclamations are really quite nonsense, in complete contradiction to his own Principle. Either he's a little unintegrated or he's doing what it takes in the moment to confront us into facing ourselves and our real feelings. Since the KoH can't be built by a happy group of people being taken care of and all living in conformance with the laws of God unless we first flush out the fear and the shame and the guilt, then I go with the latter myself.

It's OK to reject SMM as the anti-Christ, but he's also the Christ, and rejecting the whole man seems a little like rejecting the chance to face your own Christ/anti-Christ dichotomy. 

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