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"Rev. Moon's Vision for the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace" - Ambassadors for Peace Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii

Tom Cutts
December 13, 2002

Aloha, from Hawaii.

On the fourth evening of the conference, after completing six Divine Principle lectures and other presentations, we had a national group meetings. (The Korean, Japanese and American Ambassadors for Peace met separately for the first time.) The staff had anticipated hard questions from the participants about the conclusion of the Divine Principle, and perhaps some hesitation about their assignment as Ambassadors for Peace. However, the well attended discussion turned into an opportunity to share our determination to support Rev. Moon as Ambassadors for Peace and make concrete action steps. Participants are evaluating their own careers and activities in light of God's providence.

During that discussion meeting, Mr. Antonio Betancourt, the North American Secretary General of IIFWP, shared with the participants that "Heavenly Father instructed Father Moon to anoint 5,350 Ambassadors for Peace in America". Mr. Betancourt also shared that Father Moon has been commissioned by God and given the power to remove the Satanic lineage from every human being on earth, and that Rev. Moon wants to do it before he goes to the spiritual world. After being with True Father four times during the conference, one of the participants shared her determination to further the Blessing Movement, because she "felt Father Moon's sense of urgency."

That has been the essential nature of the conference. Father wants to bequeath everything to the Ambassadors for Peace, and for them to take ownership for the liberation of God. We have felt the presence of Heavenly Father and His host of angels and the absolutely good spirits. One afternoon during a break, one of the participants looked into the clouds and saw the face of her deceased son. Then the face turned into the face of Jesus Christ. Many participants have shed countless tears during the presentations, and most were surprised by the extent of Father's global work for peace.

The conference is being held on the Big Island of Hawaii. The program began with an opening banquet on Monday, December 9, and will conclude with breakfast on Saturday, December 14. The event is being convened at the beautiful Ohana Keauhou Beach Resort in Kona, Hawaii. Fifty Ambassadors for Peace from each of the countries of Korea, Japan, and America are participating in this international conference. During the program, participants from the three countries were matched together in trinities.

The hotel is extraordinary. It is built on ancient lava rock above a tidal pool. The pool is protected by a natural line of lava boulders upon which the ocean waves break. The hotel lobby and restaurant are open air with no walls. Giant sea turtles swim in from the ocean to sun themselves on the rocks. Colorful fish can be seen from the veranda. And the whales have come early this year, and we have seen them blowing watery air high into the sky. The songs of the tropical birds are been enchanting. Three of our dinners were held in the coconut grove garden. The temperature ranges from 80-85 degrees during the day, and the humidity is surprisingly low. (While the windward side of Hawaii receives more rain than anywhere else in America, Kona is on the leeward side of the island, and receives very little rain.) We are enjoying a taste of paradise.

True Father has poured out his heart during each of the four times he met with the participants. We have received an incredible amount of love and grace from Heavenly Father. Father addressed the opening banquet after Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak read an hour and a half of Hoon Duk Hwae. Father then spoke for another hour and a half about the Kingdom of Heaven, and challenged each of us to consider our present life and how much we are actually contributing to the building of that Kingdom. Father beseeched us to inherit his mission, and help liberate the heart of God.

True Parents attended five o'clock Hoon Duk Hwae the next morning, Tuesday, December 10. (Amazingly, the conference began at 5a.m. everyday, and was extremely well attended.) Father soon interrupted the reading, and spoke until 6:45a.m. He talked about the selfless nature of God, and how He created mankind and the universe as His love object. Then Rev. Peter Kim read the Clouds of Witnesses declarations from the founders of the four great religions and the great saints.

Later that evening, True Parents treated participants to a festive Hawaiian feast in the coconut grove. Standing behind his chair at the head table, Father spoke very lovingly. The only thing that remains is lineage, and each of us should offer our 100% devotion to God. We have to live for the sake of others, and nations have to live for the sake of other nations. When we invest 100%, the return is even greater. Father shared about how he gave some beautiful rings to True Mother, and when he later asked to see them, Mother had given them away. He couldn't be upset with True Mother. The participants could really feel how much True Father lives by these words. Father then gave early Christmas gifts to everyone including Kona Coffee from his own farm, and Hawaiian tee-shirts.

On Thursday at 5am, True Parents again joined the conference for Hoon Duk Hwae. The reading came from Heung Jin Nim's January 2002 report from Spiritual World. It was an incredible testimony to the work of our True Parents and the changes they have brought about in the Spiritual Realm during the past few years. After the reading Father spoke very deeply about his life course. He shared how he established Korea as the Father nation, Japan as the Mother nation, and America as the Elder Son nation and the proper relationship between nations. It was a powerful experience to realize that True Father is 83 years old, and has returned the world to the circumstances right after Second World War. Fifty years of his life were lost because Christianity had not received him at that time.

Father also explained why he had brought the participants to this lovely island, usually known for relaxing and self indulgence, but instead got them up early everyday, held them in conference sessions all day long and matched them to people from another country that they couldn't even speak with. He wants us to step outside our comfort zones, and learn to live for the sake of others.

After True Father's speech, which was a little over an hour, Father surprised the conference by taking photographs with each of the Korean/ Japanese/American trinities. On Tuesday, there had been a beautiful Sisterhood ceremony where Ambassadors for Peace from each of the three countries were matched together. Certificates were signed by members of the trinity. After the trinity photos, the entire conference went to the coconut grove and took a conference photograph with True Parent. Father then took photographs with the participants nation by nation.

The conference is being attended by some influential leaders from their nation. There are former Diet members (like our US Senate), and house of counselors (like our US House of Representatives) from Japan, a former provincial governor from Korea, one state senator, and three state representatives and one city councilman from the US.

All the sessions were held with participants from three nations, with simultaneous translations. There were six Divine Principle lectures. Two lectures were delivered in Korean by Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, the President of FFWPU International. Two were delivered in Japanese by Rev. Oyamada, Chairman of the IIFWP in Japan. Rev. Tom Cutts, the Southeast Regional Director of the American Family Coalition, gave the Fall of Man lecture, and Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President of the Unification Theological Seminary gave the Mission of the Messiah lecture. Dr. Hendricks started his presentation with a song "Jesus Wept".

The response of the participants to the Divine Principle was extraordinary. There was not a singe objection. Most expressed a desire to hear more, and one pledged to read the Divine Principle seven times. Several realized that the Fall of Man lecture solved the problem they have been having educating their young people about the dangers of free sex.

We heard incredible testimonies about our True Parents and the worldwide activities inspired by their vision. The speakers included Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman of the IIFWP International, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Chairman, IIFWP North America, Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, President of the FFWPU International, and Rev. Oyamada, Chairman of the IIFWP Japan. Rev. Oyamada gave an incredible history of the Japanese movement, and spoke of the impact Father that had in ending Communism, and the influence that Father continues to have in public policy around the world. Dr. Thomas Phillips, President of Service for Peace, introduced the vision and mission of Service for Peace, and Dr. Tyler Hendricks introduced the mission and activities of the Unification Theological Seminary.

It has been an awesome conference. Today we went sightseeing. True Father wanted the Ambassadors for Peace to experience the wonders of the island. Of the 13 world climate zones, eleven can be found on Hawaii. Mouna Kea is the largest mountain in the world, rising up from the ocean floor some 30,000 feet. It rises nearly 14,000 feet above sea level, and today we could see snow covering the crest of the mountain. On the northeast side of the island we saw rain forests and plunging waterfalls, while the eastern side was like a desert. We visited Volcanoes National Park and drove into the Kilauea Caldera. We even hiked through a natural lava tube. Later we walked on a black sand beach and saw giant sea turtles. It was an extraordinary daylong tour. That evening, Dr. Kwak hosted the closing banquet, and in his closing remarks he explained why True Father made Korea, Japan and America the Father, Mother and Elder Son nations, respectively.

This has been an exceptional experience. The Ambassadors for Peace have bonded together, and feel a real sense of responsibility to follow True Parents and establish Cheon Il Guk.

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