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"Rev. Moon's Vision for the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace" - Ambassadors for Peace Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii (Tom Cutts - December 13, 2002)

Longing to See Jesus in the Holy Land (Tom Cutts - June 2003)

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Tom Cutts - December 2004)

Celebrating God's Coming Kingdom (Tom Cutts with Hal McKenzie - January 27, 2007)

The Matsunaga Family Is Recovering From Being Hit By The Hurricane In Alabama (Tom Cutts - March 7, 2007)

True Mother’s visit to Atlanta (Tom Cutts - November 18, 2007)

Matching Our Son, A Testimony (Tom Cutts - May 17, 2008)

Global Peace Festival Touches Hearts in Atlanta (Tom Cutts and History Locations Staff - October 7, 2008)

Alabama Marriage Preparation Workshop (Tom Cutts - December 21, 2008)

Don’t Doubt in the Dark, What God has Spoken to You in the Light (Tom Cutts - April 26, 2009)

Graduation is Honor Roll Time for Young Unificationists in the South (Tom Cutts - June 7, 2011 pdf)

Prayer Changes Things: Tearful Prayer Changes Everything (Tom Cutts - April 22, 2012)

Trail of Tears Prayer Journey in Georgia (Tom Cutts - June 13, 2013 pdf)

Clergy Feels God’s Love at National ACLC Convocation in Las Vegas (Tom Cutts - November 15, 2013 pdf)

ACLC Ministers taking a stand for marriage and family (Tom Cutts - February 26, 2014 pdf)

ACLC Fights Houston Transgender Policy as Threat to Religious Freedom (Tom Cutts - December 10, 2014)

ACLC's Proclamation of Loyalty and True Love (Tom Cutts - December 19, 2014 pdf)

The 2014 ACLC National Convocation (Tom Cutts - December 24, 2014 pdf)

Rev. Nagi Yousef and Rev. Emma Loftin-Woods organize Yonkers Prayer Breakfast (Tom Cutts - February 21, 2015 pdf)

The Foundation Day Blessing Transforms Lives of Ministers and Congregations (Tom Cutts - March 2, 2015 pdf)

Hyung Jin Nim inherited the course of Hyun Jin Nim and faces challenges even more extreme than his elder brother (Tom Cutts - March 3, 2015 pdf)

American Clergy Leadership Conference Report - National Leaders’ Meeting in Las Vegas (Tom Cutts - April 15, 2015 pdf)

ACLC convenes “Women United in Heart for the Family” in Chicago (Tom Cutts - March 28, 2015 pdf)

Women In Ministry Hosts “Women United in Heart for the Family” Conference (Tom Cutts - July 25, 2015 pdf)

Powerhouse Women in Ministry Gather in Los Angeles (Tom Cutts - August 1, 2015 pdf)

ACLC Clergy Prayer Breakfast with Receive Marriage Guidance (Tom Cutts - August 17, 2015 pdf)

ACLC Clergy Couple Michael and Zena Sykes' 12-city Tour to Revive America (Tom Cutts - August 21, 2015 pdf)

Women in Ministry Unite in Heart in Oklahoma City (Tom Cutts - September 5, 2015 pdf)

Rev. Michael and Minister Zena Sykes Complete Gratitude Tour (Tom Cutts - September 15, 2015 pdf)

L.A. Blessing of Marriage and Family Honors Charleston Shooting Victims (Tom Cutts - September 29, 2015 pdf)

Atlanta ACLC Explores How to Rebuild the Family (Tom Cutts - October 31, 2015 pdf)

ACLC's annual 2015 National Convocation in Las Vegas (Tom Cutts - November 12, 2015 pdf)

ACLC's end of year programs (Tom Cutts - December 19, 2015 pdf)

ACLC Revives Atlanta, Georgia's Clergy (Tom Cutts - January 23, 2016 pdf)

ACLC Prayer Breakfast at Church in Jamaica, New York Celebrates Women (Tom Cutts - March 19, 2016 pdf)

Holy Items, a gift from True Mother (Tom Cutts - April 26, 2016 pdf)

ACLS's George Stallings Jr., keynote speaker at Prayer Breakfast in Brooklyn, NY (Tom Cutts - April 30, 2016 pdf)

40th Anniversary Prayer Breakfast and March for the Yankee Stadium Rally (Tom Cutts - May 28, 2016 pdf)

ACLC Clergy Helping to Re-knit America’s Multiracial Fabric (Tom Cutts - June 24, 2016 pdf)

ACLC clergy regularly and diligently study Divine Principle and Holy Scriptures (Tom Cutts - July 19, 2016 pdf)

ACLC Parents’ Day Picnic at Briscoe Park in Snellville, Georgia (Tom Cutts - July 24, 2016 pdf)

ACLC National Retreat follows 40th Anniversary of Washington Monument Rally (Tom Cutts - September 18, 2016 pdf)

2016 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Convocation in New York (Tom Cutts - December 3, 2016 pdf)

Ki Hoon Kim visits the ACLC and local church in Atlanta (Tom Cutts and Gary Chidester - March 19, 2017 pdf)

ACLC works to support True Mother's speech at Madison Square Garden (Tom Cutts - July 5, 2017 pdf)

After attacking Rev. Moon, Dad welcomes him (Tom Cutts - August 3, 2017 pdf)

Glorious ascension, Angelika Cutts! (Mary Jane Despres - March 11, 2018 pdf)

In Memory of Angelika Cutts (1955 - 2018) (Crescentia DeGoede - March 20, 2018 pdf)

The Passing of Rev. Tom Cutts' Wife, Angelika (Drissa Kone - March 23, 2018 pdf)

Our Ocean Church Experience in 1981: Tuna, Tuna, Tuna (Tom Cutts edited by Cabot Peterson - May 22, 2018 pdf)

ACLC GA program, Sharing the Good News with Young Men and Young Women (Tom Cutts - August 15, 2019 pdf)

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