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Celebrating God's Coming Kingdom

Tom Cutts with Hal McKenzie
January 27, 2007
District Five: Southeast - Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi

"One Family Under God, Aju". Godís ideal of one family universal love, undivided by nationality, race, religion or even age, was proclaimed in Atlanta on Saturday, January 27th. Over 450 people packed the Atlanta Family Church to overflowing during a late afternoon program. Extra chairs were brought into the sanctuary and people stood lining the walls to hear the joy-filled message of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. All were touched by his youthful energy and profound love for those present.

Pastor Mark Abernathy, of New Life Assembly, said, "Dr. Moon connected with every person in that sanctuary. That is so powerful. He is so full of passion, and you could feel it. He profoundly loved everyone. Some of my church members attended, and they are now on fire. They loved the message."

One Korean minister, a pastor of the United Methodist Church, said that while Dr. Moon spoke, he heard the voice of God answer many of his questions about how we must work to realize Godís dream on earth.

Even upon his arrival, Dr. Moon demonstrated an uncommon concern for others. In his hotel suite, he invited all the sisters who were serving on the hospitality team to come into his room. He asked each one of them their name, and asked about their husband and each of their children.

The hospitality was also delighted to meet Hyun Jin Nimís wife, Jun Sook Kwak Moon. She radiated a royal dignity and beauty, and a maturity beyond her years. One of the sisters commented that Jun Sook Nim had an uncommon humility and was like a kind mother to the members. It is hard to imagine that she and Hyun Jin Nim are parents of eight children of their own. Jun Sook Nim is truly a Queen of Heaven.

The main event was held at the Atlanta Family Church. The praise team from Rev. Mark Abernathyís church prepared the meeting with songs of worship. The words of their songs were projected onto a front screen so all could sing along. It was a joyous, spirit filled occasion.

Rev. Dr. Gloria Wright, Pastor of Simmons Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church and Board Member of the Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta, offered the invocation. She is a long time member of ACLC and has been on several peace pilgrimages to Israel.

Apostle Mosby Nelson and his wife from Central Faith Mission Ministry of Miami, along with Minister Steven Muhammad and his wife, Margaret, of the Nation of Islam, represented all the couples in the audience during the Holy Wine (juice) ceremony. In December, Apostle Nelson, read Rev. Moonís Peace Message during three Wednesday evening Bible studies. Apostle Nelson offered a Bible verse for each paragraph read by a member of his congregation. Then he offered a commentary. It took seven hours to read the entire speech. The members felt Godís grace coming to them when they read the message, and they "fought" to be the next to read.

Four ministers shared about their experiences of reading Rev. Moonís Peace Message in countries around the world. The ministers from District Five who participated in the Fourth World Tour included Bishop Shirley Cotton, Bishop W. Wayne Pugh, Pastor Mark Abernathy, Minister Carolyn Parker, Imam Furqan Muhammad, Mrs. Juanita Fuller-Scott, Rev. Marion Wadhams, Rev. Byron Filus, Princess Julia Horton, Pastor Sharron White, Evangelist Ronnie Bailey, and Rev. Tom Cutts.

Minister Carolyn Parker was one of only eleven ministers who went for the entire 60 days, speaking in Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. She said, "When I read the part about Rev. Moonís difficult course it felt like fire was shut up in my bones. I wanted to apologize for America, a nation proud of its democracy and religious freedom, for putting Rev. Moon in prison."

"The Lordís Prayer" was song by Mrs. Jung Ju Yoo Yang, the wife of the former Regional Director. The voice of this tiny lady is so rich and pure. One wonders where the sound is coming from. It must be from Heaven. She was accompanied by Mrs. Emily Delahaye on the keyboard, and Mr. James Anderson and Mrs. Angie Kifufu on the violins.

Bishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. introduced Dr. Moon in a powerful testimony to the fulfillment of Godís Promise and the joy of three generations of the True Family on earth. He got so excited and filled with the joy of his proclamation that he started walking across the tops of the pews, startling and delighting the congregation.

Dr. Moon then spoke with absolute confidence and authority -- and a profound concern for every person in the congregation. He shared about Godís dream for one family undivided by race, nationality or religion.

Hyun Jin Nim began by noting the Christian legacy of Atlanta, where "the Bible Belt meets the buckle." Citing the great work of Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream of a united country, instead of one divided by race, he said Godís dream was also of a united family of man beginning with Adam and Eve. The family unit centered on God "allows mankind to participate in the process of creation through procreation," while God himself could experience the joy of family life through man.

Realizing this beautiful dream could only be realized by true love, which is living for the sake of others, he said. By realizing such true love, men and women come to resemble Heavenly Father. Through the Fall of Man, however, man deviated from that ideal. Jesus came to reestablish that ideal and exemplified true love, or living for the sake of others, in his ministry. He said the United States was also founded on the ideal of a world under God, as a "beacon of hope and light" for the world. "Thatís the real American dream, not an economic or a social dream," he said.

Noting the conflicts in the world that are motivated by faith, he said, "How much more must truly religious people take upon themselves the responsibility to go beyond the barriers and lead mankind to a new vision of hope, to rise to a higher vision. Building one family under God is the only way to find peace."

He said he has learned many things about parental love through his own eight children. He said when children play in a sandbox, they donít notice whether they are black, white, red or yellow, but only "revel in each otherís company." Yet when they grow older, they isolate themselves in separate sandboxes, as with Muslims, Jews and Christians. Like an orchestra made up of winds, strings and brass, different people working together can make "beautiful music."

Dr. Moon concluded by walking around the sanctuary inviting people of every race and religious background to proclaim, "One Family Under God, Aju." It was incredible to hear how each person spoke those words. There was the tiny voice of a soft spoken Muslim lady, a powerful resonating voice of an African American preacher, and the shout of a white man. Person after person was invited to proclaim the message. It was a beautiful symphony.

The congregation was thrilled by the message. Minister Richardean Golden Anderson, the Founder of Seeds for Life, a character-based educational program for young people, said, "It was just absolutely awesome. Such a message is just what we need today. There are so many divisions between nations in this world. This is something that all people must hear."

Mr. Ikoeden Obot an Ambassador for Peace originally from Nigeria commented, "It was wonderful. His speech didnít recognize color, but he said we are all one under God. Thatís what I stand for -- peace across racial and religious boundaries."

Evangelist Katie Garlington remarked, "It was excellent. I really enjoyed it. It was the most exciting speech I have heard in quite a while. There was nothing I could have added to it." Mrs. Alberta Horton added, "Everything I heard was excellent. I plan to use his words in my own ministry."

Mrs. Opal Muhammad said, "Dr. Hyun Jinís message was so inspiring. It was the embodiment of a truth I heard many years ago, when I decided to embrace Islam. One of the things told by the people who were sharing with me about the tenets of Islam, was ĎI will listen as long as you donít offend Jesus.í Then they spoke to me about the universal love of Jesus. I heard this message again tonight. It really touched my heart. It brought tears to my eyes." In December Mrs. Muhammad had given a presentation at an ACLC prayer breakfast. She and a Jewish lady role played the Biblical characters of Sarah, the mother of Isaac, and Hagar, the mother of Ishmael. Opal played the part of Hagar.

Pastor Solomon Odoh commented, "It was great. Itís about bringing the children of God together as one. All people on the earth should hear this." Amen. All people on earth shall hear this message.

One guest commented that she was not interested in the long introduction of Dr. Moon. All the accolades and external accomplishments did not impress her. She was more interested in the character of the speaker. She saw a man of incredible humility before God, and a divine goodness of character.

The message also touched the congregation. Mr. Charles Liverpool said, "It was very impressive and inspirational. I really enjoyed the lines, Ďliving for the sake of others,í and Ďliving in the original sandbox.í It was heartwarming. It made me feel very good inside. It brings out the best in all of us."

The fact that Rev. Moon has established the next generation to carry on his work did not escape the congregation. Dr. Thelma Brown, an ACLC member, said, "Tonight was just great. I really appreciate the type of ministry he has and how he is able to reach so many young people. I just thoroughly enjoyed him tonight. It is such an inspiration to see him carrying on the work of his father."

The Sunday Hoon Dok Hae, the next morning, was like no other "Gathering for Reading". Miss Rebecca Pederson read the Childrenís Day speech, and then all the barriers came down. The Atlanta Family Church youth choir sang an original Korean song, and the Gospel song, "Thereís a Wheel in my Heart spinning ĎRound." From the Alabama Family Church of Bayou la Batre, came The Band, which sang two songs, and then forty STF members came up and sang some rock and roll songs that got everyone to their feet.

Then Hyun Jin Nim gave a most embracing message, welcoming all the young people. Not just those in age, but those young in heart. He moved around the room reaching out to young and old alike. He acknowledged the sacrifices and original passion of the first generation. And he took care of the young missionaries from Japan, Korea, Russia and Mongolia, who were not even able to speak English.

To conclude the celebration of one family under God, Hyun Jin Nim had all present dance through a tunnel that the STF members and other young people formed by standing in two lines with hands linked. The bands played "When the Saints Go Marching In."

Yes, beyond race, religion, nationality, and even age, we are one family under God, Aju.

Rev. Moon came to America over thirty years ago without a single friend, and not speaking a word of English. He was already fifty years old. Rev. Moon poured out his love for the people of this nation, trying to help America understand Jesusí universal message of love and Americaís destiny as an elder older brother nation to the world. He even spent thirteen months in an American prison. The foundation he created in those thirty years has profoundly affected the course of history.

Now, Rev. Moonís son, Hyun Jin Moon, only 38 years of age, is inheriting his fatherís passion and spirit. But unlike the fatherís arrival -- without a friend and without knowing the language -- Dr. Hyun Jin Nim Moon comes to America on the foundation of speaking perfect English, and knowing the American culture. And through this twelve city tour, he is winning the hearts and support of tens of thousands of ACLC ministers, Ambassadors for Peace and Family Federation members across America.

With the advent of two generations of the True Family, Godís dream of "One Family Under God" will be realized, and it will be realized quickly.

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