The Words of the Cutts Family

The Matsunaga Family Is Recovering From Being Hit By The Hurricane In Alabama

Tom Cutts
March 7, 2007

Dear Family,

Below is the report from Rev. Tom Cutts, District Director of Atlanta / Florida / Alabama district.

Young Kook went to the hospital, but all are ok. Donations and cards of love and support would be most appreciated.

The Matsunaga family lives in Enterprise, Alabama, where a tornado struck, killing a dozen people. The storm hit just as Mrs. Asako Matsunaga and two younger children were waiting in the car pickup line outside the High School. Their car was thrown into the air with the three in it, and crashed upside down. They were able to escape by crawling through the broken windows. Fortunately, they had on seat belts. They sustained some cuts and bruises, and had to have stitches. The High Schooler, Young Kook Matsunaga, was inside the school when the storm struck. He was hurt when the ceiling collapsed. He was taken to the hospital and had to have six stitches in his hand. The family lost their car and had medical expenses. If you would like to send your encouragement and gifts to the Matsunaga Family, you may send them to:

Rev. Terry Yamane
8031 Woodland Terrace Drive South
Irvington, Alabama 36544

Checks should be made payable to Hidehito Matsunaga.

As you can imagine, the family (and the whole town) is in shock. Words of comfort and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

Rev. Tom Cutts
District Director
FFUWP District Five

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