The Words of the Hill Family

An Elder Sister's Dream Of True Father

Philip Hill
May 8, 2010

I went to the fishing tournament but it seemed that everyone was finishing up. So I went indoors into the kitchen and I saw True Father wearing his fishing hat with some tackle on it, a light colored buttoned down shirt and khaki pants. He was wearing deck shoes. True Father was standing near a square wooden table on a tile floor with a drain cleaning some fish that he had caught. I went over to see if True Father needed help with anything.

He said: "No, I came to serve you, you are not going to serve me this time. But you can get a white linen table cloth and put it on the table after I finish cleaning these fish." So I waited until he finished cleaning the fish. He had many types of fish to clean. And they all were long and large fish.

True Father was explaining about how he was cleaning them. He was saying: "First you take this knife and slit the fish down the middle right under the belly. Then you open up the belly and pull out the intestines first because these guts cover all the other guts." And he kept pulling the intestines until they were all out. And put them in a slate blue bin. Then he said: "Next you pull out the stomach and next the heart and after that everything else comes out easily. It is very simple once you understand it."

One brother who was helping True Father put the guts in the bin asked him if he minded the odor of the fish guts. And father answered him saying: "My son, the odor of the fallen world is much worse than fish guts. This is the least I can do to clean up this world so that our heavenly father can dwell here."

Then he asked that brother: "Will you get me a mop and pail? Oh yes, and some salt water from the ocean?" One sister who had come into the kitchen asked True Father why he needed salt water from the ocean. And True Father answered her, "My daughter, the reason I need salt water from the ocean is to clean the floor where the blood drained from the fish and the fish guts. When I use sea water to clean it up, then it also will remove the odor. If I use filtered water from the tap then the odor will remain."

True Father continued gutting out the fish and laying them on a small table covered with plastic over to the side. He was wearing latex gloves. True Father put the fish on a big cookie sheet and asked another sister to get him a scaling tool. She brought it over and he scaled the fish, as he wore goggles, and cut off the heads.

After the fish was scaled and beheaded, he rubbed koshering salt that had been made into holy salt over the fish bodies. One brother asked him why he did this and True Father answered: "My son, this is the way I remove all the germs and impurities from the fish and remove any excess odors."

After this True Father rinsed off the fish with distilled water that came in through a hose, and prepared the fish for cooking. He laid the fish open side down on a cookie sheet greased with sesame oil, and put them in a preheated oven to cook.

Then True Father asked all the sisters who had come into the kitchen to prepare the table for eating. Many sisters who were working in the kitchen were preparing salads and I helped put on the white linen table cloth and we used golden utensils with linen napkins to set the table.

One sister prepared a vase of wild flowers for the center of the table. And another sister put a braided Chalah on the table on an oval dish of blue and white with gold trim that read: boray pree hah adamah (Hebrew: meaning blessed is the fruit of the earth).

True Father asked us to gather chairs for sitting at the table saying: "Please prepare the table for special dignitaries that I have invited to eat with me today."

We made the table look very special putting out small Korean dishes of kimchi and bean sprouts and different salads that would go with fish.

True Father said he was going to shower and change his clothes. He came back a while later and was so happy to see the arrangement that us sisters had made on the table.

True Father was still wearing his casual clothing and he asked all of us who were in that area of the kitchen to sit down at the table. We were all so surprised and looked at him in surprise. Then he said: "I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that you thought there were special Korean dignitaries or Ambassadors for Peace coming today!" we all nodded yes, and spoke and said, "Yes Father."

True Father answered: "When you realize that all of you are my dignitaries and Ambassadors for Peace, then that is when Cheon Il Guk will be complete upon this Earth. Because what is the mission of important dignitaries? Important dignitaries know their mission. They know quite well that their mission is to represent God and bring this world back to God. And Ambassadors for Peace know that their mission is to bring God's peace to this world, don't they? And because they know in their gut, then their mission is no longer a mission but a way of life and a way of behavior!"

This is the reason why you are eating with me today so that you can partake of my communion and receive that impartation. And when you do receive it deep in your heart and soul then this is the kingdom of heaven, Aju. Now let's eat and partake of this fine meal."

I felt so moved by True Father's words and tears welled up from my heart and into my eyes. Many sisters were crying as well.

Then True Father said: "Heavenly Father has chosen you all to be here today. Because you were curious as little children… looking to see what their father was doing. Just like Jesus who was about his father's business." You are the ones who will give my heart to the members and help them to change their attitudes. You are the ones who can do this. As Jesus once said: "Suffer the little children come unto me, such is the kingdom of heaven."

"It is your bright sunshiny smiles, and your simplicity to serve and love your fellow man that will change the hearts of people of this world. And will help remove the hell that is holding our members down."

"Remember this day and keep it holy in your hearts." 

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