The Words of the Hill Family

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Our Leader In Washington (Marjorie Hill - April 15, 1965)

Recent Activities Of Our Master (Marjorie Hill - May 4, 1965)

Riled Up Against Kinsey! (Grace Hill 11/98)

Interview with Philip Hill, Clairvoyant - Part 1 (Julian Gray - November 2006 pdf)

Interview with Philip Hill, Clairvoyant - Part 2 (Julian Gray - November 2006 pdf)

An Elder Sister's Dream Of True Father (Philip Hill - May 8, 2010)

Welcoming Home Party for Blessed Ancestors from 210 Generations (Philip Hill - December 3, 2011)

What to do with the Blessed Ancestors (Philip and Petra Hill - December 20, 2011)

Gossip, Facebook, Current Events and In Jin Moon's Resignation from HSA-UWC (David Hill - September 9, 2012)

Father and the colorful lagoon carp (David Hill - October 1, 2012)

David Hill finds lost Speech by Sun Myung Moon (Krista Moon - November 29, 2012 pdf)

David Hill: Hectic Four-day Training in Washington, D.C in 1972 Left its Imprint (Krista Moon - December 3, 2012 pdf)

Spiritual Testimony on 51st Day of All True Things (Philip Hill - June 9, 2013)

An interview of operatic tenor Matthew Hill (March 2014)

My two part dream? (David Hill - June 21, 2014 pdf)

Celebrate the life of our dear sister Petra Margarete Schonwald-Hill (16th October 1956 - 30th January 2015) (February 5, 2015 pdf)

Seonghwa Ceremony for Petra Margarete Schonwald-Hill - Message from European FFWPU President, Rev. Young Shik An (February 14, 2015 pdf)

UTS Master Degree Launched Dorothy Percic Hill's Teaching Career (Dorothy Percic Hill - September 9, 2015 pdf)

Seminar with Philip Hill in Brussels, Belgium (Yvo and Marietta Bruffaerts - November 8, 2015 pdf)

The Long Road to Solving International Problems (Christopher R. Hill - October 26, 2019 pdf)

We need to look at the problems of North Korea giving up their nuclear weapons (Christopher Robert Hill - February 5, 2020 pdf)

UPF Jerusalem, Israel's interfaith forum held during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (Adi Sasaki and Luke Weiler Hill - October 7, 2020 pdf)

Third Rally of Hope Congratulatory Address: A War Like This Could Happen Anywhere (Christopher Robert Hill - November 22, 2020 pdf)

The problem posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons is of worldwide concern (Christopher Hill - August 21, 2021 pdf)

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