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Welcoming Home Party for Blessed Ancestors from 210 Generations

Philip Hill
December 3, 2011

With deep gratitude for Heavenly Father and True Parents, I like to share my testimony. On Saturday the 3rd of December we welcomed home our 210 generations of blessed ancestors of 8 lineages. Present were our daughter Christabel and her husband Robert, Petra's cousin Monika, and Petra and myself.

The whole week before the event we prepared ourselves and our home to welcome our ancestors. We made a beautiful poster. We bought roses in the exact color of the poster: pink and we prepared food from the regions our 8 tribes were coming from: Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

At 1 pm exactly we started our ceremony to welcome our blessed ancestors. We bowed, recited the Pledge and then Petra prayed. And it is during her prayer that I could see the spirit world around us.

Please look at your Blessing ring.

There is a center and this center was an altar with beautiful offerings. I could see exactly the same dishes on the altar which we had on our altar, just a lot bigger. 4 plates filled with food (1 plate for 2 tribes), chopsticks and fork as well as four glasses of water.

Above the altar, in the air, was True Parents' picture. It was multi-dimensional. Where ever you stood around the altar you could see the picture. And above the picture was a huge "ball" of white sparkling and translucent energy. It was God in all His might.

The whole scene was overwhelming. I looked again and I saw (please look again at your Blessing ring) 4 huge lines of ancestors. two of our tribes together, coming from the 4 corners of the ring, representing East and West, North and South.

Interesting was also that the couples we recently blessed were at the front, closest to the altar.

Our whole little flat was packed with our ancestors, so was the compound of surrounding flats, the gardens, the parking area and beyond.

210 generations of ancestors of 8 lineages are altogether 1680 couples. As they were standing facing the altar in the middle everyone was praying. When Petra finished her prayer we sang Tongil. The ancestors joined in. I looked at our blessed ancestors who usually wear white Holy Gowns, now they were wearing golden robes.

The atmosphere was highly charged.

At the end of our introduction to the ancestors and to over 20 collateral couples (many we knew personally) we raised our glasses, when I heard very loud, harmonious and powerful music. It was the music when True Parents enter the room for a Blessing ceremony.

When we gently shouted "welcome home our ancestors", every one of the tribes had a glass and cheered.

The ancestors who before stood in clear lines suddenly ran to members of other tribes and hugged them. There was so much laughter and joy. As I looked closely into several faces I saw this joy but I also saw an incredible sincerity in their eyes.

Then Christabel prayed for lunch and I invited everyone to tuck in. Well, this is always quite funny to watch. Several ancestors picked up some food and looked at it, smelled it and then still asked someone else "what is this?"

As we were also celebrating Christabel, Robert's and my birthday we had 3 cakes and Baklava sweets.

Everyone likes sweet things, including our ancestors.

My wife asked me every hour till we went to bed "what are they doing now?" the answer was always the same. They were still talking and they were still eating.

You may ask, can we feel a difference since our blessed ancestors came home. Yes, we do. There is an atmosphere of giving and receiving. Not individual giving and then someone receives. No, it is like a constant and it seems never ending flow of spiritual energy and love.

Our biggest concern is, that we have the capacity to receive all this Heavenly Fortune our ancestors brought with them.

Philip Hill

3. December 2011 in Shaw 

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