The Words of the Hill Family

Riled Up Against Kinsey!

by Grace Hill
November 1998

There was no doubt about it, Alfred Kinsey was a name we knew well by the end of the week. On November 6th, San Francisco State was hosting a celebration to honor the 50th anniversary of Kinsey's book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. As they happily prepared for the event, PLA members in Berkeley were making preparations of our own. We planned to stage a rally protesting Kinsey and the Human Sexuality Department at SFSU because we knew that although Kinsey was supposedly an expert on Human Sexuality and called the "Father of the Sexual Revolution", Kinsey was no hero. He used biased methods to gather other data, and later manipulated his data to get the results he desired.

In short, Kinsey's work is fraudulent, inaccurate, and biased. Yet, the Human Sexuality Department uses it as a basis for their sexuality classes. As a result, they teach a very biased curriculum with little or no discussion about the benefits of abstinence. We were excited-their Kinsey celebration would be a perfect excuse to protest and demand equal representation.

As the days flew by, preparations of all kinds were being made. We had refined our plan, so that along with the rally, we would send "infiltrators" inside the conference to ask "pressing" questions to the panelists.

Everyone in the house really pulled their weight. We became united -- a close knit family working towards a higher goal. But as Friday approached, Satan began to attack: appliances in the house broke, the city started resurfacing the road outside the center and blocked off the driveway, and the brakes failed on one of our vans causing a near accident. However, this only helped reinforce to us how important this event was and an air of urgency hung about the house.

Friday morning it was pouring rain and we anxiously waited (unable to set up) for the rain to stop. Exactly half an hour before kick off time, it cleared up and we were able to set up. If it had not stopped in time, we would have been forced to cancel the rally.

In the meantime, our team of infiltrators went into the conference where both panelists and the audience were expressing how wonderful Kinsey was. Catherine got up and asked some very pointed questions and really broke the atmosphere. The conference broke for lunch, at which time we hosted our rally. It went very well. I was the M. C., and Jennifer and Catherine both spoke, as well as other guest speakers. The STDs delighted the crowd, as did Mark's rap.

I really was a fight, though, as we battled the negative spirit world as well as hecklers and a counter protest (a socialist club advocating Gay Rights). They marched around with a banner, right in front of the stage, yelling and creating a disturbance. One panelist actually broke from the crowd, marched right up to the stage, and began yelling in Jennifer's face as she was speaking.

All in all, it was a victory. We made a big noise on the campus, made the students aware of the issue, and many were interested. We also came in contact with several organizations who shared the same values as us and want more information. We got all the Kinsey advocates riled up and got very positive coverage on the Channel 4 news.

We have heard rumors that the Kinsey advocates are planning an attack on the PLA. Yeah! The fight is on!

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