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Spiritual Testimony on 51st Day of All True Things

Philip Hill
June 9, 2013
Swindon, England

7 am Pledge Service to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC and to celebrate the 51st Day of All True Things Swindon, England home of Philip and Petra Hill (NM of Slovenia)

Waking to the alarm I opened my eyes to the hustle and bustle of our ancestors moving around our small flat, making the final preparations to begin the 7 am Pledge Service even though the day before we did prepare the altar and the surroundings. Representatives of our couple's blessed ancestors, Petra's mother and grandmother and a few of my ancestors whom I have never seen before, were putting the final touches to the altar. They were all dressed in bright white Holy Gowns.

Exactly at 7 am our small service began. As I was announcing the Holy Day and the anniversary of HSA-UWC, I could see that the ancestors were standing together with us. They were happy but also very serious. Together we recited the Family Pledge. Then my spiritual eyes opened even more and as I looked at the wall behind the altar, the wall began to dissolve and I could see the grounds of the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace where many thousands of chairs were set out facing a huge stage.

Each chair was occupied by our members' blessed ancestors from all over the world. I noticed our large group of blessed ancestors, all reciting the pledge at the same time. At the front of the stage the religious founders Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Mohamed stood together with several early members, like Rev Eu, Rev Won Pil Kim and his wife and Tiger Park (just to name a few) as well as Dae Mo Nim's couple who had all passed into the spirit world some time ago. Many were together with their spouses while others were single still waiting for their spouses, who are still on the earth, to join them.

God's chairs were directly in the middle of the stage and True Parents' chairs were to the left side of the stage. I could feel God's presence all around. The atmosphere was electric and intensely pure. Outside the weather was very calm and warm with a blue sky. I felt a soft breeze and I could smell an incredible mesmerizing fragrance from all nature around. It felt heavenly.

When the pledge service had finished everyone kept standing because True Father appeared. He was dressed in Korean clothes, white and gold in color. He walked to the front of the stage when all the members offered a standing half bow towards True Father. True Father stood with his eyes closed, then he turned to face God's chairs. At that moment True Mother began to manifest next to True Father. her eyes were closed too. They stood motionless before God until they both offered a full bow to God.

They then sat on their chairs and a beautiful table appeared with flowers, drink, wet cloth etc., just like it was on the earth. Our True Parents looked radiant, generating a warm love that was so powerful that it filled the whole stage and out as far as my eyes could see. All the members were connected in heart to this love. True Mother sat peacefully, gently smiling but serious. Based on their love for each other True Parents blend, making it look like one body, even though we all saw them as two spirits.

True Father asked the members of every clan/tribe to choose a representative and for that representative to come to the front where he/she gave an up-date of their descendants who are living on the earth. In a short report they explained how they as blessed ancestors supported their descendants and how the blessed family lived and practiced the basic traditions of Hoon Dok Hae, prayer and tithe plus participated in other activities like witnessing. They also reported how the 2nd generation blessed children are doing in their particular family.

There was such a freedom of love in the atmosphere. The representatives shared how life was for some specific blessed families. True Father sat with his eyes closed. He listened in a reflective way. After that he announced that everyone should follow him and True Mother out into nature. On his say everyone stood up and followed as True Father led the way hand in hand with True Mother out into a beautiful field which was surrounded by valleys of beautiful and vibrant green grassland.

The many hundreds of thousands of blessed ancestors gathered close to the edge of a river where True Father and True Mother sat under a large tree. It was so calm with a magnificent blue sky and a gentle breeze. I noticed that no -one needed to go to the toilet or eat and drink anything. And because there was no night, the time never seemed to change which gave me a taste of how eternity is.

True Father began to ask members to stand and sing songs, just as he did on earth. Suddenly different foods and drinks appeared in front of every couple. It was food they could relate to. It was amazing to watch our blessed ancestors representing hundreds of different cultures with no problems to relate to each other. Because there were so many members, not everyone could sit close to True Parents. But when someone spoke or sang a song, everyone was able to hear and see as clear as if the person performing stood right next to him/her. These are the dimensions in the spirit world, making everything possible.

After this True Father would stand up and begin to share God's vision for the spirit world and how the families on the earth fit into God's exciting plan. He shared God's vision with so much enthusiasm and energy, just like he did during his life on earth.

Every members was so inspired and determined to support True Father's vision. The blessed couples generated such an intense energy that God could enter every couple, bonding the couple even more. True Father explained that one of the main missions of the blessed ancestors is to encourage the families on earth to live a principled lifestyle which makes the base for them to receive the heavenly fortune from their blessed couples.

True Father explained further that he can blend with each family and that he can help directly BUT only if the Principles are practiced. He continued to say that the Principled lifestyle is so important. When he concluded his speech True Father and True Mother handed out fruits from the Holy table to everyone. Slowly the vision faded and I was standing with our few blessed ancestors next to my wife Petra in our living room. We sang a song to finish the service. Then I prepared our family's traditional holy day breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and jam.

In deep gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and our blessed ancestors
Philip and Petra Hill 

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