The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ton Ban Kyok Pa - Step-by-Step Outreach Ministry Manual

Michael Jenkins
April 27, 2005

Dear brothers and sisters,

There is a PowerPoint file attached. It is well worth watching. However, you will only be able to watch it if you have PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you do not but would like to see it, I will have it available on Sunday.


Dear Family,

True Parents have laid the victorious and substantial foundation for the Elder Son Nation to rise. A massive change is coming in Christianity toward unifying as the Body of Christ. Now through the DP seminar in Ocean City we could see profound realization and understanding toward the Role of Faith Leaders in Bringing God's Kingdom.

The Churches across America have been prepared for this moment. That is why Father gave the direction that to fulfill the "Breakthrough on the Neighborhood level" the North American Blessed Central Families should remain where they are and focus on expanding from the "One Family, One Church" model to the "One Family, Three Churches".

To do this we need to offer support and guidance so that our families can "find" their place in this dispensation. Therefore we have asked the Chicago region centering on Bishop Kim and the LA Region centering on Dr. Ku to set up guidelines for this effort.

Attached is a beautiful Powerpoint entitled "Step By Step Outreach Ministry Manual" by Rev. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim.

It is a wonderful step by step guide for you to help your regions with the ONE FAMILY THREE CHURCH DEVELOPMENT. Dr. Ku has developed the powerpoint entitled "Manual to Fulfill One Family Three Churches".

The Powerpoint of Bishop Kim's is attached. The Powerpoint of Dr. Ku will be placed on a downloadable web site.

Thanks Bishop Kim and Chicago. Sincerely,


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