The Words of the Jørgensen Family

We are making conditions to find a center in Oslo, Norway

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
May 31, 1970
Oslo, Norway

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

The past month has proved to be a blessing from our Father for Norway. The 2 Norwegian girls, who have accepted the Divine Principle, could spend some time the Essen Center in Germany, and they returned with the strong desire in their hearts, to restore their own country.

Our next aim is now to find a Center, so that we can live together and grew together, and be able to invite people more freely. I have fasted 3 days for this, and all the 3 of us made other conditions as well. Johanna is starting a summer job in a hospital tomorrow, so that makes it possible that we live at least in the same part of the town quite close together. We shall start with having "Family meeting" 2 times a week, where we shall pray and sing together, study the Divine Principle more deeply and practice teaching. One of these nights will be open to guests. Another night we shall go downtown together to witness.

We began with an indemnity cycle of 4 months today, in order to lay a good foundation for the country. Each of us will study the Divine Principle half an hour daily and fast one time a week. Beside that we will make personal conditions, especially prayer conditions, for the people whom we are teaching individually.

The Norwegian summer being so beautiful this year we are especially stimulated to bring this beautiful country back to Father as soon as possible.

Much love to our True Parents and all brothers and sisters in the world, in their Precious Name.

Ingrid Schneider 

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