The Words of the Jørgensen Family

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I taught Principle nearly every night to one or two Norwegian girls (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - April 28, 1970)

We are making conditions to find a center in Oslo, Norway (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - May 31, 1970)

We had a really wonderful evening singing together and reading from Master's speeches (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - June 28, 1970)

Two English girls, whom we witnessed in a park, have been taught through to the conclusion (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - July 30, 1970)

Several people heard about Divine Principle for the first time (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - August 15, 1970)

Report on the Norwegian Church (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

We returned from the European Conference with energy (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - December 1, 1970)

Norwegian young people are strong enough to break with old traditions (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - February 1971)

Nobody dares to say anything against the Communistic countries (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - February 1971)

One more girl has decided to follow Father's call (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - February 2, 1971)

Seven new young people started studying the "Divine Principle" (Ingid Schneider [Jorgensen] - March 9, 1971)

Parent's Day was the most wonderful day (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - April 3, 1971)

Our efforts of translating the Divine Principle into Norwegian began to show results (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - June 12, 1971)

Six of us attended the European Conference in Vienna (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - August 10, 1971)

2 weeks ago we had a "Korean night" in the Family (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - October 21, 1971)

We have found a new house for a center (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - September 1, 1971)

Remarks to a Christian Mass Media Conference in Oslo Norway (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - December 1971)

We shall intensify our work at University (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - January 1, 1972)

We have increased our witnessing nights at the University (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - February 14, 1972)

14 people from Sweden and Norway gathered in Oslo for World Day (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - June 23, 1972 pdf)

We could send a missionary to a second town in Norway (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - August 9, 1972 pdf)

Meeting Mr. [Duk Moon] Aum in Stockholm (Bjorn Martinsen and Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - February 11, 1973 pdf)

In January we published The Divine Principle in Norwegian (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - April 1973 pdf)

The Norwegian Family's witnessing successes (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - April 4, 1973 pdf)

The Norwegian Family has opened up a new center in Tromso (Viggo Jorgensen - June 1973 pdf)

Anthony Brooke testifies to Sun Myung Moon in Norway (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - July 1973 pdf)

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark celebrate Children's Day together (Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen] - October 28, 1973 pdf)

Ministerial work in Baltimore, Maryland (Viggo Jorgensen - April 1986)

Amazing Grace (Inshunor Jørgensen - January, 2004)

Seunghwa Ceremony for Viggo Jørgensen, previous national leader of Norway (Jack Corley - February 16, 2016 pdf)

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