The Words of the Jørgensen Family

We had a really wonderful evening singing together and reading from Master's speeches

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
June 28, 1970
Oslo, Norway

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

We send our love to our True Parents.

Our activities were varies during the last month. My 2 Norwegian sisters experienced World Day for the first time in their life. We had a really wonderful evening singing together, reading from Master's speeches and sharing deep with each other.

In the past weeks our main goal was again find more children for Father in this country. We mainly witnessed in parks or in the coffee breaks of the meeting of different groups we attended. We also tried of course to use every occasion we found with people, whom we work together with or whom we met on the streetcar etc.

I am attending the International Summer School at the University of Oslo, which is giving lectures in English for 6 weeks every summer. In order to learn more about the country and its people, I am taking a course in economics and one in Norwegian way of life. More than 40 countries from all over the world are represented this year and I appreciate the opportunity to be in this international community, to further my understanding of the whole world by these talks with them. I can feel Father's desire for a unified world family especially strong these days, and I see in a small way, what gifts in the various fields all the different nations could contribute to it.

I am especially grateful that I can attend the 2 classes and combine that with a fulltime job, and still be through my day early enough to meet people and to teach the Divine Principle in the late afternoon and in the evening.

It is our serious wish to be as victorious and successful for Heavenly Father and our Beloved Parents as our brothers and sisters are the world over.

In the name of the True Parents

Ingrid Schneider 

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