The Words of the Jørgensen Family

Six of us attended the European Conference in Vienna

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
August 10, 1971
Oslo, Norway

Norwegian Family at the Third European Conference -- Vienna 1971

I am happy to report our activities during the last few weeks. We are working hard for Father's Kingdom in this country. Six of us attended to the European Conference in Vienna and we really were grateful for this opportunity. We came back with strong determination and great enthusiasm to help speeding up the process of restoration in this country.

Our youngest, a law 'student, is spending some time in the German Family right now, in order to experience life in a big Center and to deepen her understanding of the Truth.

We have started the search for a bigger Center with prayer and fasting conditions, answering all suitable ads in the newspapers and getting in touch with downtown real estate bureau. In this connection we happened to get into contact with a conservative organization of free enterprise who became especially interested in the work we intend to do concerning anti-Communism. They did not want to help us with housing, but I think we managed to establish a friendly base for some sort of constructive collaboration for later on.

Dutch Family at the Third European Conference -- Vienna 1971

I made also contact with Rev. Wurmbrand's organization here, who is working for the Christian behind the Iron-Curtain. They furnish study-groups with different sorts of material and it is possible to buy or rent slides combined with a tape, or short films, or just tapes with anti-Communist lectures from. We are planning to make use of these different possibilities.

Nearly every day some of our members are talking to people in the park downtown or on the university campus in order to invite them to come to the Center to hear about the Divine Principle. But we are really longing for a big center so that we also can invite people through the newspaper and by distributing leaflets, thus reaching more people more quickly.

We are sending our prayer and our love to the Family around the world,

In the Name of our Beloved True Parents,
Ingrid Schneider 

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