The Words of the Jørgensen Family

Remarks to a Christian Mass Media Conference in Oslo Norway

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
December 1971

The other day I had the privilege to attend a 4 day long mass media conference, organized by the Christian Study Council of Oslo. It was the first conference of its kind in Norway and it gathered theologians, general secretaries of Church connected organizations and a few teachers. The Christian leaders in this country have lately become more and more aware of the important role, mass media are playing in society as a whole and also in the life of every individual. The big question was, how can we use mass media to spread the Christian Message, and what can we do to get Christians in key positions working with mass media. (Up till now, the Marxists have proved to be very clever in this way.)

We heard lectures given by different mass media people, among others the director of Radio Voice of the Gospel, the station of LWF in Addis Ababa, Africa.

Especially one speaker made a deep and lasting impression on me, it was Pastor Martti Haataja from Finland. He works together with a team who is planning a Christian TV-station in Finland. He recorded many of the fascinating experiences the team has made in connection with that TV-station so far. I become once more aware of the many wonderful ways which our Heavenly Father is using today, to speed up the coming of his Kingdom.

The team makes themselves completely dependent on God's guidance in their work. Rev. Haatajta said, "We have such a big and wonderful God. We call Him perfect and almighty. If I really would think that He could not provide a TV-station for us, in order to be used to spread the Gospel, I would stop preaching tonight." Rev. Haataja makes the impression of a good and well-experienced manager. He talks a lot about business, but faith is the even greater reality for him. He seemed to shock many of the listening theologians with his absolutely realistic approach to God. His faith manifests in realistic, everyday life.

When they wanted to start building their offices and studio they asked God where they should have them. God advised them, may be contrary to their expectations, not in the capital but about 80 km from the capital. This sounded foolish to some, but now, about 5 years later, this same small place is getting a big internationally connected airport, other big firms, and has in the whole proved to be most ideal for their work.

Pastor Haataja often gets phone calls where he is told, "Your name is on the black list," His brave answer to that usually is, "Yours is on prayer list!"

There is Radio and TV-State Monopoly in Finland and they have not yet been able to acquire the necessary license for their station. Russia friendly circles in the country try to make their going on the air impossible lately they tried to get Rev. Haataja involved into politics and invited him to an interview in TV. 2 Marxist reporters should be his interviewers. Rev. Haataja and his team prayed on this matter and God advised them to start the interview with prayer in the studio. When the cameras began to start the reverend asked them to be shut off again, and invited everybody at the table to join him in prayer first. After some hesitance from the side of the reporters everybody got 'their hands folded at last. Rev. Haataja asked God for a successful program and that He might bestow His Divine Wisdom and Blessing on the 2 reporters so that their work again would be a blessing for the whole country. After he had finished, one of the reporters said with tears in his eyes, "Never' has anyone prayed for me and never did we start a program with prayer."

After the prayer the 2 reporters seemed to have misplaced the questions they had intended to ask! The interview really did turn out to be a blessing!

A few days ago a man has offered Pastor Haataja quite a sum of money, to invest in his TV project. Part of the money might be used to start a studio somewhere in the world, where Christian people shall get first class training in TV and Radio Work. By the way, the man who offered the money is supposed to have written a book about the second coming of Christ. 

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