The Words of the Jørgensen Family

Our efforts of translating the Divine Principle into Norwegian began to show results

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
June 12, 1971
Oslo, Norway

The last weeks have brought some challenges to everyone living in the Center here, but as we all know, great possibilities to grow always come along with them. This is why we are so thankful for these opportunities, and we feel so much joy, being victorious for Father and spreading His Kingdom.

Our efforts of translating the Divine Principle into Norwegian begin to show results and we have now several chapters available for our visitors.

Many people have come to the center and been taught. One engaged couple accepted "to try hard and go the way of the Divine Principle", and especially the girl has now become active with us in the different projects of witnessing, translating, teaching etc.

We have also started to try an arrangement the town here has for its tourists. It is called "Meet the Norwegians" and the different tourists are asked to spend an evening in a Norwegian home. From earlier experiences I know that while travelling one is, specially open and eager to learn and absorb new things. So why not give people a chance to hear about our wonderful movement in this state of mind? Last night there were two ladies from Washington with us, who were happy and grateful for what they had heard and they promised to visit the Center there.

But of course this is not only a one-way street. We will learn more about the different countries and mentalists, so that we ourselves will become more international people.

Two of the members fasted 7 days and all the others made shorter fasting conditions as well. We are praying for and looking forward to the European Conference in Vienna, where we will be united for a few days with many of our brothers and sisters from all over the continent.

We are sending our love and warmest greetings,

In the Name of our True Parents,
Ingrid Schneider 

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