The Words of the Jørgensen Family

Seven new young people started studying the "Divine Principle"

Ingid Schneider [Jorgensen]
March 9, 1971
Oslo, Norway

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

Another month has gone by, during which we tried to accomplish a closer walk with Father. 3 of us fasted 3 days to make condition that men can come into the Family now, so that the foundation in this country might be broadened and strengthened. We continued to read and study the "Divine Principle" together daily, and it is always a wonderful experience to realize more and more of their greatness.

About 7 new young people started studying the "Divine Principle" seriously and some of them are very eager. How we are hoping that they might become strong workers for Father's Kingdom.

Surprisingly many of the young people to whom we witness downtown are more or less afraid to hear something new in the "religious field". They tell us that they don't want to get influenced and that they don't want to engage themselves, but deep there is fear. They feel themselves unable to judge from which side these thoughts come, and on one level we can blame the educational system and the church for it, as the youth is only very seldom placed in situations where they have to judge and make their own decisions, even should it only concern simple, practical matters. Most of the people here, partly due to the geographical situation of the country, are not so often confronted with controversial ideas, and many feel sort of insecure right away, when it is up to them alone to estimate something. The Norwegian Church puts much stress on hell and eternal damnation, and never are the people encouraged to do their own thinking or to use their common sense in any form.

And yet, people in this country have many advantages, once they understand the Truth. They are used to a healthy and comparatively simple way of life and to quiet high morals, though on this field some negative outside influence begins to show. They have a warm heart to give money to the underprivileged in the many parts of the world. Enormous sums (if we take the small number of the population into account) are collected every year for the work, the Norwegian Church is doing in the underdeveloped countries. So this makes us hope for a good and rich harvest for our Heavenly Father in this country. We are only praying to be more dedicated and more capable workers in this harvest.

We send our love to our True Parents and to everyone in Their Family the world over.

In Their Beloved Name
Ingid Schneider 

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