The Words of the Jørgensen Family

One more girl has decided to follow Father's call

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]
February 2, 1971
Oslo, Norway

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

We are happy to report that one more girl has decided to follow Father's call and to live her life in accordance with the Divine Principle. She has not yet moved into the Center, but she comes very often and stays and she goes out witnessing together with us.

With every new family member, we experience so much more of Father's love and wisdom, and we realize the growth of the fundamental in this country. It is our deep desire and strong will, to find one new member each in the next seven weeks, and we are making special conditions for that.

Among the saddest things, I lived through in the past weeks, was a sort of a small community meeting in a protestant church, where the topic of the evening was "Death". Most of the people present there thought of them as Christians and it was obvious that they were engaged in church work, and that they used to go to these meetings etc. One of them gave a long explanation, why she was believing in reincarnation, another one declared in a loud voice that he did everything to live a good Christian life, but with death all was finished, there could be nothing after that.

The minister himself was very quiet and made some references to Plato and some writers once in a while. When I made some remarks and also mentioned some books about the spirit world, and parapsychology, everybody started attacking me very much, though none knows anything about this kind of literature and none seemed to take much trouble to listen to what I was trying to explain. So I thought about what Miss [Young Oon] Kim says in the preface of her book, "In the Christian churches there is no way to prepare adequately for one's eternal life. The churches are not capable of giving any content whatsoever to the idea of immortality."

Again and again it seems such a tragedy to me that it is so especially difficult to reach these people who are firm inside the church. How must Father suffer about this!

Then it looks so much more like a miracle that we could understand and accept the Truth, when we were introduced to it, and deep thankfulness for that comes to our hearts. But if we could make it, many others can, let's find them! Our thoughts and our love go to our True Parents and to the Family all over the world.

In our True Parents name
Ingrid Schneider 

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