The Words of the Self Family

 Table of Contents

What about CARP? -- Interview with Howard Self (Tyler Hendricks - October 22, 1983)

The Outcry Is Growing -- Rally and March for Religious Freedom (Howard Self - August 9, 1984)

World CARP Convention (Howard Self - November 2-8, 1984)

Great Victories in NY! (Howard Self - October 7, 2003)

Business Leaders Explore Their Role As Peace-Builders At Chicago Forum (Howard C. Self - Aug 26, 2006)

Testimony (Howard Self - 2008)

An Open Letter To My Church Community (Howard Self - June 17, 2010)

Howard Self of Hyun Jin Moon's GPF will speak in Maryland (Kate Tsubata - March 30, 2016 pdf)

15 Core Values Academy teachers special training workshop in Seattle, WA (Howard Self - May 6, 2017 pdf)

Mr. Howard Self's letter regarding Rev. Kwak's Letter to Blessed Families (Howard C. Self - May 16, 2020 pdf)

Hyun Jin Moon's View of the Truth about the Unification Movement Schism (Howard Self - October 1, 2020 pdf)

The Living God is Always with Us (Howard Self - December 4, 2020 pdf)

The United States should let Hyun Jin Moon take over Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) (Howard C. Self - July 13, 2021 pdf)

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