The Words of the Wilson Family

Jewish Liberation Providence

Andrew Wilson
September 25, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters,

What an amazing time we had in Israel! I'm sure many of you have read the reports of the peace march that went to Al Aqsa' mosque, far surpassing anything every seen in Israel up to this time. Truly God was watching over us; more than that, He was smashing down all the walls to let us through. We could truly sense His almighty power!

There was also a beautiful moment when at morning Hoon Dok Hae I shared about the spiritual liberation providence with all the ministers and members. I explained what we were doing, and immediately, Rev. Jenkins gave $120 to liberate Yitzhak Rabin. The donations started pouring in from Jewish members, Christian members and ministers. Even Imam Bundakchi gave $100. It was a glorious moment of unity for the whole family of Abraham, on earth and in the spirit world.

Now we have Christian brothers and sisters who can pray for their jewish spiritual children. After donating to liberate the reform rabbi of Berlin Leo Baeck, our sister Burgi Hutcherson wants to find out all about him. On the other hand, one of our Israeli sisters is liberating Hagar and Ishmael, ancestors of the Arabs. We are all truly becoming one.

In total I raised more than $2500 for liberating the saints!

And it won't stop here. After all, Jews are not the only group that was not included in the central providence of the CPL liberations that Father presided over directly. Now Levy Daugherty is thinking about organizing a liberation providence for African-American historical figures. Another member is considering identifying Native American figures for liberation. In this era of Cheon Il Guk, we are in charge. We can truly unite heaven and earth and sanctify our people's history by devoting ourselves to this providential activity

If you would still like to participate, it is not too late. There are still 24 people on my list who have not been selected. And some of you are liberating people who are not on the list, even Catholic saints.

If you have already pledged, please send in your check now, payable to Andrew Wilson. Also please identify your blessing group. that's for CPL records.

shalom, peace, salaam alikum!


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