The Words of the Wilson Family

Conference Call

Andrew Wilson
December 10, 2003

Brothers and sisters:

Tonight we held a conference call, the last of our series on Jewish outreach. Several points were discussed:

1. Richard Ramrass gave testimony about how he is witnessing to everyone he knows about the trip, including to people he doesn't expect to go but who nevertheless should know about what Father is doing. He mentioned an old friend who is Baha'i and pro-Palestinian, and who was quite impressed to learn about Father's initiatives for peace. We should by all means use this event to spread the good word about Father's work.

2. The situation in Israel is becoming more difficult, as forces opposed to the rally are noticing our work. Dr. Yang was heavily interrogated when he entered the country. We expect to prevail with God's grace, and moreover, how can there be peace without a fight to defeat the satanic forces? Please be serious and prayerful at this time.

3. We heard reports about the British Airways charter being cancelled. (We don't know if this cancellation has anything to do with point #2.) I'm sure the church is working on finding a way to save the situation for the entire group, but some regions are already beginning to look for alternative flight arrangements for their own region's people. Meanwhile, we would not be remiss to look for our own individual flights to Israel for ourselves and our guests. In this emergency situation, it may be better to disperse and not all come in a single group that can all be blocked. There are still flights out there that are reasonably priced, as a search on Orbitz or other search engines will show. If you can be flexible about departure and return times, leaving on the 15th, 16th or 17th and returning on the 24th, you can still find seats for around $1000 from NYC to TLV and $1350 from LAX to TLV via such airlines as Turkish, Olympic, and Air France.

4. Mel Haft sent us a page from the Reform Jewish liturgy (which I sent on a separate message) regarding the responsibility of the chosen people. It has to do with witnessing to God before the nations, and enlightening them with truth and peace. We know from our Judaism that to be chosen means to keep to a higher standard of loyalty to God than other people. Now in the Middle East, Jews have a special opportunity to bring peace to the world, as the mideast conflict is the nexus of just about all wars in the world today. Now is the time for Israel to shine!

There is no way that Satan is going to frustrate our peace activities. Let's go forward in faith for the peace of Israel!


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