The Words of the Wilson Family

The Rabbis, The Beautiful Rabbis That We Have Been Longing To Be With

Andrew Wilson
March 30, 2004

Brothers and sisters,

Today I'm departing for Israel for the pilgrimage. But before I leave, I want to share some remarks Father has been making over the last few days at East Garden.

These days, when he sees me he often makes comments about Judaism. This morning, he asked me a question that he's been repeating now on about 5 occasions, "Wilson, are you a Jew or a Unificationist?" or "Are you a Jew?" One time last spring I answered, "Jew" and he chastised me, "You should change." Last summer I answered, "Unificationst, Father," and he questioned my sincerity, "Really?" Today I answered "Jew" and he said, "You are changing." That means, I think, that he reads my spirit and sees me lining up more closely to the vertical standard.

Father recently saw the movie, "The Passion of the Christ." He really didn't want to go, indeed, he trembled at the thought of seeing it, but some of the true children pushed him, so he went. He was appalled by the violence and cruelty of the film, and wept at the historical tragedy that it represented. He said that the media's question, "Who killed Jesus," is misplaced, the real point is that he shouldn't have been killed at all. The Jews killed him, and it had terrible consequences for us. They picked Barrabas over Jesus, and now the Muslim world dominates the Middle East. Now we have to restore it. If the Jews had received Jesus, all the holy land would be Jewish.

Therefore, Father has been working with Muslims, including the Grand Mufti of Syria. Islam should receive the blessing; in this way the world is turned upside down and restoration is successful. Dr. Yang should have worked harder to follow up with Farrakhan after the Million Family March, even going on a speaking tour of his mosques and accompanying him on his world tour. Then more Muslim countries could be our friends.

This morning Father condemned Sharon for assassinating Shiekh Yassin. Violence only leads to more violence. We have to teach the ways of peace and restoration. Father would like to mobilize sisters to go to the Arab countries and educate them. Who knows? Islam has been responding to Father better than Judaism; maybe the Muslims will take the lead in bringing peace to the Holy Land.

Father wants every part of his message to be taught and understood. Only through knowing the truth can we be free. The Jews even have to understand that the murder of 6 million was a direct result of their ancestors crucifying Jesus. That history is in the past; the point today is to restore it.

Father has pity on the Jews because he understands that because of their history of suffering, they've created a hard shell around themselves. It is difficult for them to break out of their shell and go beyond their own people to love the world. But it is absolutely necessary that they do so at this time.

Many of you have read the attached post by Rev. Jenkins about breakthroughs in outreach to rabbis since March 23. You probably also know that Father is calling for 40 American sisters to go to Israel and work as Ambassadors for Peace for 40 days. This is definitely a time of harvest, and our labor is urgently needed.

shalom and salaam,

Dr. Wilson

Dear Family,

A most profound phenomenon is occurring now. Since the time the Jewish leaders presented a crown to Jesus the door has opened for Jewish Rabbis to feel comfortable with the IIPC and ACLC. It is a miracle. At the Dirksen Building during the reconciliation ceremony between Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, Rabbi W. from Michigan blew the Shofar and proclaimed that the Messiah has come. (He felt the confirmation in the spirit). Two other key Rabbis give their testimony below. The Florida family is to be commended. Revs. Hong, Chidester and especially Gunter cultivated this foundation. It solidified greatly when Dr. Joshua Ben Ami from Jerusalem could go and testify to them after he led the reconciliation at the February 4th event in which he could give Jesus the Crown of Peace.

Rise America, Rise South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, Rise Middle East as the sons of Abraham are now communing together at the table of the Lord.

Thanks America.


Reported by Gunter Freystatter
American Family Coalition (AFC) State Coordinator
March 24, 2004

Rabbi Ivan W.

"We all have a spiritual soul and we all received the spiritual messages of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, True Father and True Mother of Humankind. I was very fortunate to share this evening with religious brothers and sisters from all over the country and world. This is the most meaningful message I have ever heard. Since the day of the latter prophets, Rev. Moon's spirituality and pureness of mind and body and soul touched the soul of every human being. A message of inspiration as well as a warning that humankind perishes, may God forbid, if we do not strengthen our family life. Our embracing in unity is like the jewel in the crown of God.

Rabbi Leonid F.

My spirit has changed - the atmosphere has changed during the last 24 hours. It is the trust, friendship and love among those religious leaders I have never seen before. The Communists put Rev. Moon in prison. The communists in Russia put me in prison. This we share in common. We need to speak out in Florida. It is an honor for me to be here today. I did not know that.

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