The Words of the Wilson Family

Pilgrimage Notes

Andrew Wilson
September 21, 2004

Brothers and sisters,

I just returned from 10 days in Israel, and I want to report that there are continuing breakthroughs in outreach to Israeli Jews. I'm sure that Rev. Jenkins will report more details, but suffice it to say that we are reaching into the top levels of Israeli society, meeting the mayor of Jerusalem, labor party chairman Shimon Peres, and more. A highlight of the pilgrimage was a cultural evening at the Jerusalem Cultural Center, which included songs by an amazing Jewish tenor, David D'Or. I've never heard such a voice. The fact that we even had such an event is indicative of our breaking through into the Israeli mainstream. The 9/11 demonstration we held to commemorate the victims of terrorism was widely publicized in the Israeli press, not the least because of the many colorful Native Americans who participated.

Spiritually as well, the Jewish spirit world is being liberated and unified, to lay a stronger foundation for peace. On September 12 we held a wonderful repentance and reconciliation ceremony at Yad Vashem; you can see the photos on With 1200 Europeans and Americans repenting for the inaction and complicity of their nations in the slaughter of 6 million, and a group of Jews and Gypsies representing the victims to receive their repentance and offer forgiveness, this was an amazing and unprecedented ceremony to liberate the spirits of the victims. The Jews from Spain, Germany and the US got very emotional as a long line of Christians laid flowers at a monument dedicated to Jewish underground fighters but which was now transformed into an altar to Jewish humanity. One German brother came to me, weeping and trembling, asking my forgiveness for his grandfather, who had been in the SS. If you've been to the museum, you know it seethes with continued bitterness and anger at the Nazi crimes, but our ceremony had the spirit of forgiveness and release--that's what this era of "seok-bang" is all about. We thus removed a deposit of congealed resentment that had been blocking Jews from opening their hearts to peace.

Finally, I participated in some very internal, spiritual ceremonies to liberate the Jewish spirit world, beginning with its central figures, from Abraham to David. Our activities have released them from many of the reproaches which burdened them. (Consider the difficulties that Abraham and Sarah have endured trying to be a loving couple while constantly being reproached by Hagar, or Jacob caught between Rachel and Leah, or David's anguish in relating with Bathsheba who was at the same time the beloved of Uriah). With many of these issues resolved, now these couples are able to function as true parental figures for the Jewish people. They can be conduits for Jewish spirits to go to Heung Jin Nim and receive Divine Principle education. Therefore, all Jews are now entering True Parents' realm!

I've been asked to convey to you that we need to pray for these central families in the spirit world, especially for King David and Bathsheba who have a very important role for the political restoration of Israel, that they may be strong enough and loving enough to fulfill their providential missions. They are still young in the Principle, and lack the experience of giving parental love. Through our prayers, and also our educational activities with our families and tribes, we can support them and educate them.

On this foundation, outreach to Jewish citizens, as well as to politicians at the top, is becoming easier. Also, the security situation seemed lighter during this pilgrimage, and everyone was more relaxed than anytime I'd seen.

I encourage all of you to think of these pilgrimages as ongoing for the foreseeable future. There will certainly be more of them this year, and probably next year as well. So cultivate your contacts, encouraging them to attend one in the coming months.

Shanah Tovah and Mazel Tov,

Andrew Wilson

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