The Words of the Wilson Family

September 24 Pilgrimage

Andrew Wilson
September 13, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Even though the American church has cancelled the September 24 pilgrimage to Israel, Europe is still going through with it. And this may be a very special opportunity for you and your Jewish guests to journey to Israel in an ethos that is White, less prone to religious "enthusiasm," and more favorable to Israeli politics.

As you know well, our ACLC clergy have a Pentecostal spirituality that is off-putting to many Jews. And worse, many of them have sympathies with the Palestinian side. For this reason, you may have hesitated to bring guests to past pilgrimages. But they should feel more comfortable meeting European Christians and members, who share more of the Jewish culture and history. In speaking with Hod, the Israeli family is planning to make this pilgrimage focus on meeting Jews. It will be a relatively small group (maybe 20-25 people).

So please consider this as an opportunity for your contacts and friends that may not come again.

The pilgrimage dates are September 24-29. Fortunately, this year the High Holy Days fall in October, so there will be no conflict.

Andrew Wilson

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