The Words of the Wilson Family

A Call from Israel

Andrew Wilson
November 23, 2005

Dear brothers and sisters,

On behalf of our family in Israel, under the able leadership of Rev. Abe and Hod ben Zvi, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you provided to the victorious speech on Sunday November 20. More than 1,000 guests came to the speech. Many of them, perhaps half of the guests, were Jews. (There were Christians, Muslims and Druze there as well). They did not complain or leave when they learned that Father would not be speaking. Instead they stayed and attended the Blessing, and most of them stayed through the end of the program (except for the Arab-speaking guests who unfortunately were not provided with Arabic translation, and even among them the Israeli Arabs mostly stayed because they can understand Hebrew).

Father felt spiritually that he should not go to Israel this time, although he also said that he can go there "any time." I interpret this to mean that Father was providing Israel the opportunity to make an important indemnity condition. It is the condition to restore Israel's rejection of the Messiah when he came 2000 years ago. At that time, Israel did not welcome him although he came; this time Israel welcomed him even though he did not come. Thus Israel fulfilled a condition much like Jesus did when he endured while God abandoned him on the cross, according to DP.

The power of this providence is evident when you look at the political events in Israel. On the day of Father's speech, Sharon announced that he was quitting the Likud party, provoking a complete shake-up of the Keneset. Other events, including Arafat's death and the withdrawal from Gaza, have also occurred on the foundation of our work. Jerusalem is now a much brighter, more vibrant place than it was when we began 2 years ago.

Now I want to convey a call from our Israeli family to American Jewish members. They are in serious need of dedicated American Jews to move to Israel and work there full-time for the providence. They are looking for some of you to make Aliyah. For a Jew, it is a simple matter to become an Israeli citizen. There are many government benefits: cheap housing, free Hebrew education, and more. The Israeli family has a strong financial base to help as well. And as an Israeli Jew, you will have maximum credibility to support True Parents peace activities.

Our Israeli family is a model of dedication, but they are stretched very thin. The Japanese members who have joined them are penned in by many government restrictions because they are not Jewish. One American brother, an excellent organizer who had worked for a year in Gaza, is leaving for Korea.

I spoke to one British member who worked on the mobilization who has heard the call in his heart and is taking steps to emigrate.

Israel is a wonderful country to live in. The people are open and friendly, and their hearts are receptive to our peace mission. And as any of you know who have visited Israel recently, it is quite safe--even safer than the US.

Think about it: Here is the opportunity of a lifetime to take a central role in one of the key providential activities of our time. Don't miss it!

Andrew Wilson

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