The Words of the Wilson Family

Testimony of Super-Challenge - Lianne's team in Key West

Lianne Wilson
April 8, 2007

Written after the first weekend.

Hey brother and sisters, thank you so much for your hard work and investment this first week of super challenge!!! We just wanted to share some experiences.

On Friday we received a morning service on True Father's heart and character. The whole day, despite any challenges each sister tried to really connect to what kind of heart True Father would have. Roshan had a very challenging first run, after 2 hours she almost wanted to give up. The rejections were too strong and she didn't feel any power to overcome. Then she thought of Father when he was in Danbury prison, and how he always took the most difficult jobs (cleaning the toilets and washing rags). She realized that compared to True Father's, her challenge really isn't too difficult and this gave her more determination to change her attitude and not just persevere but really make something out of the run because that is what Father would do.

Also Kaeai could really feel how serious are Father's promises to God and how each approach is important and each goal is really God's goal.

She felt herself having concepts but realized that it is not her talking to the people, Heavenly Father is and He wants to love then, no mater how many times they reject Him. She adopted this mindset from her brother, that she needs to be very serious and determined to reach the goal because it is not her own individual goal, it is God's goal and TPs goal.

I could see that each sister felt so much more power and drive as they connected more to TPs. Their teamwork really is centered around a greater vision. Everyday they are doing dinner blitzes, ordering quickly then fundraising, then eating quick to be ready to blitz again. Mika even said that she doesn't feel a desire for physical food but just wants spiritual food! I honestly feel that they've gained a sincere joy to invest and go beyond themselves for the sake of God and True Parents.

After we made our goal on Friday we determined again to go for it on Saturday. But coming into the day we already faced many challenges (less frontline time, product is running out and all area is already done). Sisters had many concepts but were trying to break them.

Morning Service was on Absolute Faith. We read an excerpt from Bo Hi Pak. After the victory at Washington Monument True Father said let's go to Moscow. They had just had a huge success but the reality of this next goal looked so huge (communist still thriving) that many began to doubt and thought Father was going crazy. Once they could unite the rally actually was even bigger then they expected. It was a greater victory despite their reality because they kept faith and could unite with God's will. We felt like we could relate a lot with this story and we determined to not block God's providence with our concepts and doubts. Each sister felt "who am I to doubt and stop God's will?"

This day was truly a challenge, constantly fighting out reality. One run the team felt with absolute conviction that today would be the day but when we kept meeting the same people 3 times (Key West Florida is an island!) they felt discouraged and began to doubt. We kept re-determining to find our deeper motivation. When a challenge comes it is easy to forget about God and easy to just think of yourself, but True Father's way is the opposite. We determined during blitz time to bring Heavenly Father with us into the bars and go with absolute faith!

What I was amazed with was how much each sister continuously encouraged each other, we really wanted to make this goal for God and TPs, and we could feel so close to them by the end of the day.

In reflection of the weekend Mika felt like once this team determines to do something there is no question if we can do it or not. Korie also said this has been the most fulfilling experience and she's never invested so concretely into TPs before and inheriting from them. As a team we want to constantly show Heavenly Father and TPs that they can count on us and truly bring JOY by our efforts to improve each and everyday!

Thank You!!!

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