The Words of the Wilson Family

Middle East Conflict Survey 2: Jerusalem

Andrew Wilson
October 29, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would ask you to keep Netanyahu and Abbas in your prayers. A recent news report that Israel is informally slowing down settlement housing permits ( gives reason for hope that talks will resume soon. Our prayers have power! Because we are Unificationists at the center of God's providence, our prayers can connect with national-level spirits who want to relate with us for returning resurrection. These spirits can take our prayers and use them to promote greater movement in the spirit world, which then can move the hearts of people on earth.

You already know that Arafat is working with True Parents, and that Father liberated all the American presidents to work with True Parents as well. Also, many of you recall that liberation ceremonies were done for leading Jews and Israeli politicians; for instance Rabin was liberated by Rev. Jenkins. We even liberated the deceased head of Hamas (Sheikh Ahmed Yassin). These leaders in the spirit world know the Principle and know God's desire for unity in Cheon Il Guk. They want the connection with us on earth in order to have a stronger foundation to move forward (see Pledge 5 about unity of the spirit world and physical world).

I have heard spiritual reports that Arafat is willing to concede Jerusalem to Israel. So is Muhammad. Golda Meir, for her part, is asking for nothing but unrestricted access to the Western Wall. These spiritual leaders have a heart of humble offering, not insisting on the "rights" of their respective nations, but are "living for the sake of others" as is the appropriate ethic for living in Cheon Il Guk. Abraham and Sarah now have the heart to welcome back Ishmael and Hagar into their home, and Ishmael has put aside his old resentment to embrace his father. Their heart is to welcome their former enemy and provide a seat of respect and honor for them. I'm not making any judgments here, only offering you a sense of where my hope and optimism comes from--that there are good-hearted people at the highest level who have opened their hearts to peace.

Our prayers can help connect this Abel spirit world to the earth, because we Jewish Unificationists can represent the Jews of earth. That's why I am praying sincerely every day for Netanyahu and Abbas to hear the voice of God and move according to the request of Heaven.

A few days ago I asked you for your opinions about Jerusalem. I would still like your opinions. But even more than your opinions, I would encourage you to pray.

For my survey, I really want to zero in on the Jerusalem issue, based on an anticipated reality that within a year or two there could be a negotiated agreement for a 2-state solution. How should Jerusalem figure into this agreement? As a unified city under Israeli control whose borders are defined by the current Wall? Should East Jerusalem be given to the Palestinians as their capital, so that there will be a border running between East and West Jerusalem as there was before 1967? Should Greater Jerusalem be under Israeli control but have Palestinian-controlled towns linked politically to Palestine? How would you deal with questions of access and security?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shalom and Salaam,


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