The Words of the Wilson Family

Prayers during this interim period

Andrew Wilson
November 17, 2010

Everyone praying for peace,

Please continue your prayers. They are greasing the skids of what would otherwise be a very bumpy road. This time period between Netanyahu's recent acceptance of the American plan to freeze settlement for 90 days (in return for some needed armaments against Iran) and its actual implementation is fraught with many things to be resolved:

Netanyahu needs to gather political support for the plan within Israel

The Knesset needs to mollify the settler movement

Abbas and Erekat need time to breathe and release any anger they might be feeling about the deal, and recognize this is an historic opportunity for a Palestinian State.

The Arab League needs to give the plan some support, as Netanyahu's goals include a comprehensive détente with the Arab world.

The Palestinian authority will be sounding out Hamas on how it wants to play this

Maybe the EU will chime in with its views

Syria may decide to get off the sidelines. It may feel uncomfortable about how Iran is throwing its weight around in Lebanon

I believe that Hillary Clinton is really pushing this forward, and would like the Freeze to happen beginning in December. Then there would be 90 days to work out tentative borders.

I also believe that the spirit world is very active in supporting this American initiative, strengthening Hillary's mind and working on all fronts to get Netanyahu and Abbas to the peace table.

I ask you to continue to pray. As a Jew, my prayers these days include repentance for what the Jewish people have done poorly in the past, which was translate our blessing to consideration for our non-Jewish brothers and sisters -- beginning with Abraham's expulsion of Ishmael. I am also repenting for Israeli fixation on practical security, when according to the Torah, the best security is faith in God and alignment with His will.

May God bless you all,


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