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Fijian Medicine Man Predicts a New Age (William Connery - January 1976 pdf)

Franconia Man William Connery Writes Book About Northern Virginia Torn Apart by War (Will Sommer - December 1, 2011 pdf)

New Book on the Civil War in Northern Virginia by William S. Connery (December 6, 2011 pdf)

Talking about Civil War Northern Virginia 1861 (William Connery - June 8, 2012)

Author Receives Prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal (William S. Connery - June 9, 2012)

Mosby’s Raids in Civil War Northern Virginia by William Connery (March 17, 2013 pdf)

Two Halves of a Whole: What I Like About WFWP (Katarina Connery - November 30, 2015 pdf)

Woolsey Hall at Yale University and its war memorial (William Connery - February 12, 2016 pdf)

When You Train a Woman, You Train a Nation (K. Connery - March 15, 2016 pdf)

Bringing God’s Highest Truth to Uganda, a Land Governed by Fear – Part 1 (William Connery - November 3, 2016 pdf)

Bringing God’s Highest Truth to a Land Governed by Fear – Part 2 (William Connery - November 9, 2016 pdf)

Bringing God’s Highest Truth to a Land Governed by Fear – Part 3 (William Connery - November 16, 2016 pdf)

Bringing God’s Highest Truth to a Land Governed by Fear – Part 4 (William Connery - November 24, 2016 pdf)

Bringing God’s Highest Truth to a Land Governed by Fear– Part 5 (William Connery - December 1, 2016 pdf)

New Hope Technical Institute of Kigali, Rwanda thanks WFWP for its support (Katarina Connery - January 1, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Minnesota Looking For a New Chairwoman! (Katarina Connery - January 30, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Seeking Social Media Intern (Katarina Connery - February 2017 pdf)

My True Mother (Katarina Connery - February 19, 2017 pdf)

My Experiences as a Unification Church Missionary in Uganda: 1975 -- 1978 (William Connery - May 2017 pdf)

Learning with Love: Testimony from Parent at Lunis Kinderworld (Katarina Connery - September 15, 2017 pdf)

No Silence, Inaction, and Indifference: WFWP International Parallel Event CSW 62 (Katarina Connery - March 16, 2018 pdf)

My Experiences as a Unification Church Missionary in Uganda: 1975 – 1978 (William Connery - April 20, 2018 pdf)

A Plea from WFWP's Arabic Literacy Project in Jordan (Katarina Connery - July 24, 2018 pdf)

Heartfelt Thank You from WFWP Director in Jordan! More help is needed (Katarina Connery - August 8, 2018 pdf)

Student Testimonies from WFWP Jordan Project - Donate Today (Katarina Connery - August 17, 2018 pdf)

The sixth anniversary of WFWP Co-Founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon's passing (Katarina Connery - August 27, 2018 pdf)

Global Women's Peace Network Conference Day 2: Morning Reception (Katarina Connery and Ariella Toren - November 12, 2018 pdf)

Peace and Development in Africa - Reflections on the 2019 Sunhak Peace Prize (Katarina Connery - February 11, 2019 pdf)

Family Church of NYC: WFWP's Katarina Connery on My Daughter Your Daughter (Tanya Edwards - February 22, 2019 pdf)

I Blessed my tribe, now what? (Katarina Connery - February 27, 2019 pdf)

WFWP and The Blessing - Reaching out with a Mother’s Heart (Katarina Connery - April 16, 2019 pdf)

WFWP USA: Completion of new school building for Lunis Kinderworld in Nepal (Katarina Connery - July 17, 2019 pdf)

Family is the Cornerstone for Happiness Marriage and Family Seminar (Katarina Connery - May 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA Cornerstone for Happiness Seminar Session 3 with Katarina Connery (Angelika Selle - May 4, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA Peace Road 2020: We stand together at Plymouth Rock (Katarina Connery - August 5, 2020 pdf)

Reflections on the first One Million Global Rally for Hope: Looking in the Mirror! (Katarina Connery - August 9, 2020 pdf)

Peace Road 2020: Irmgard Baynes - Listen to the Language of the Unheard (Katarina Connery - September 3, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA: Happy National Grandparents Day! (Katarina Connery - September 11, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA: Turn the Tide Grant to Empower the Black Community (Katarina Connery - September 22, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA 2020 Leadership Retreat - Empower, Collaborate, Impact (Katarina Connery - November 14, 2020 pdf)

Celebrating 29 Years of the Women's Federation for World Peace in the USA (Katarina Connery - April 26, 2021 pdf)

WFWP Programs for Young Mothers Launched - Protecting Minds and Hearts (Katarina Connery - June 3, 2021 pdf)

Women's Sensational Balancing Act: Juggling Work, Family, Self-Care and Leadership: How to do it all and not go crazy! (Katarina Connery - July 29, 2021 pdf)

WFWP USA: Who's taking care of Mom? - Program for Young Mothers (Katarina Connery - August 10, 2021 pdf)

WFWP USA GWPN: Women's Leadership in Reconciliation and Peacemaking (Katarina Connery - October 20, 2021 pdf)

WFWP USA's GWPN: Real Steps Toward a Reunification of the Korean Peninsula (Katarina Connery - November 14, 2021 pdf)

WFWP USA's A Conscious Shift For Peace: Cornerstone For Peace Seminar (Katarina Connery - January 6, 2022 pdf)

Women Leaders' on a Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula (Katarina Connery - February 24, 2022 pdf)

WFWP USA: HerStory Awardees Share Transformative Wisdom for Women (Katarina Connery - February 26, 2022 pdf)

2022 WFWP International General Assembly - Goals and New Developments! (Katarina Connery - March 5, 2022 pdf)

WFWP USA: Peace Starts with Me - Leadership of the Heart Seminar in Brooklyn (Katarina Connery - April 23, 2022 pdf)

WFWP Herstory Awards: Women Are Called To Heal And Lead The World (Katarina Connery - May 21, 2022 pdf)

Women's Federation for World Peace and Me (Katarina Connery - July 14, 2022 pdf)

WFWP USA: The School of Love - Cornerstone for Peace (Katarina Connery - July 28, 2022 pdf)

WFWP USA Presidential Transition from Angelika Selle to Kaeleigh Moffitt (Katarina Connery - January 27, 2023 pdf)

RSVP to WFWP USA Presidential Transition Ceremony from Angelica Selle to Kaeleigh Moffitt on Feb 11 (Katarina Connery - February 4, 2023 pdf)

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