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Camp Aurora Youth Camp 2011 (Arlena Ferabolli - June 23, 2011)

Ambassadors for Peace Seminar in São Paulo (Simão Ferabolli - August 27, 2011)

Interfaith Forum at the Unification Headquarters in Sao Paulo (Simao Ferabolli - November 27, 2011)

Forum in Brazil on the Quest for Interfaith and Social Harmony (Simao Ferabolli - March 15, 2012)

Simao Ferabolli speaks at UPF Conference Held in Goias, Brazil (Boubacar Diallo - June 5, 2014 pdf)

New Ambassadors for Peace Appointed in São Paulo (Simão Ferabolli - August 30, 2014)

Conference on Family Values Held in Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 25, 2015 pdf)

International Women’s Day Observed in Brazil (Neudir Simao Ferabolli - March 10, 2016 pdf)

32 new Ambassadors for Peace appointed at Botucatu City Hall, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 21, 2016 pdf)

UPF-Brazil's Peace Monument project holds International Day of Peace 2016 (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 21, 2016 pdf)

Worcester, MA Family Church's annual Christmas service and party - 200 attend (Arlena Ferabolli - December 18, 2016 pdf)

Brazil's Ambassadors for Peace meeting - Walk for Peace - Peace Cup Tourney (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - April 23, 2017 pdf)

Ambassadors for Peace, Peace March and Peace Cup Tourney in Palhoça, Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - April 23, 2017 pdf)

APP Brazil's launch at Nereu Ramos Auditorium of Brazil's Chamber of Deputies (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - November 23, 2017 pdf)

The inauguration of the Brazil chapter of IAPP in the Chamber Deputies in Brasilia (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - November 23, 2017 pdf)

1st Peace Ambassadorial Meeting and IAPD Latin America Founding Convention (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - May 11, 2018 pdf)

UPF Brazil's True Family Movement event at the Campo Grande City Hall (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 9, 2018 pdf)

Brazil's inauguration of IAPP in the Legislative Assembly of Goias State (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 26, 2018 pdf)

IAPP Inaugurated in São Paulo, Brazil State Legislative Assembly (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - July 20, 2018 pdf)

UPF's Inauguration of IAPD in Latin America held in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - August 4, 2018 pdf)

UPF's Latin America Summit 2018 in the Renaissance Hotel, São Paulo, Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - August 5, 2018 pdf)

Brazil's first meeting of Interfaith Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) (Simao Ferabolli - March 14, 2019 pdf)

UPF Brazil's afternoon tea meeting for Peace Ambassadors at HQ in Sao Paulo (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - April 12, 2019 pdf)

WFWP, UPF, FFWPU and YSP Brazil's Teatime to Gather Ambassadors for Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 15, 2019 pdf)

UPF Brazil's event in Curitiba: Building Partnerships for a Culture of Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 27, 2019 pdf)

Peace Ambassadors' Divine Principle Workshop at Sorocaba Athletic Club HQ (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - July 7, 2019 pdf)

UPF Sorocaba City, Brazil's conference for the UN International Day of Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 21, 2019 pdf)

UPF Natal, Brazil's third walk for peace on the UN International Day of Peace 2019 (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 21, 2019 pdf)

UPF Luziana, Brazil holds the First Luziania City Peace Conference (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 27, 2019 pdf)

UPF-Brazil's Peace Road of Recanto das Emas, with participation of 500 people (Neudir Simão Ferabolli - October 26, 2019 pdf)

YSP Brazil's Eighth True Love Day Youth Ministry Annual Workshop - 150+ Attend (Danilo Correa - November 17, 2019 pdf)

Dong Mo Shin and Simao Ferabolli of UPF-Latin America at UPF Santiago, Chile (Ross Grange - December 3, 2019 pdf)

Brazil holds Ambassador's For Peace In Our Nation meeting with 150 Participants (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - February 27, 2020 pdf)

UPF Parana, Brazil inducts twelve new Ambassadors for Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - February 27, 2020 pdf)

UPF, WFWP and YSP Brazil celebrated UN International Day of Peace together (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 21, 2020 pdf)

UPF-Brazil inaugurates branch of the International Media Association for Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - October 24, 2020 pdf)

UPF South America's International Media Association for Peace's Online Panel (Simao Ferabolli - November 18, 2020 pdf)

UPF South America Hosts ILC Webinar on the Reunification of Korea (Neudir Simao Ferabolli - November 27, 2020 pdf)

UPF-South America Holds WCLC Webinar With Over 1,000 Participants (Simao Ferabolli - December 5, 2020 pdf)

UPF and IAPD-Brazil's World Interfaith Harmony Week: Building Bridges (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - February 6, 2021 pdf)

UPF-South America: The Reunification of the Koreas - The Basis for World Peace (Simao Ferabolli - February 10, 2021 pdf)

UPF-South America's Int'l Leadership Conf.: The Peaceful Reunification of Korea (Simao Ferabolli - March 12, 2021 pdf)

IAPD Brazil's International Month of Prayer Program With 2,450 Participants (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - March 22, 2021 pdf)

UPF South America: The Reunification of Korea as a Basis for World Peace (Simao Ferabolli - March 31, 2021 pdf)

UPF-Brazil Honors Ambassadors for Peace and International Day of Families (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - May 15, 2021 pdf)

UPF Brazil Convenes IAPD Interfaith Webinar for Brazilian Christian leaders (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - June 29, 2021 pdf)

UPF-Brazil held a meeting to appoint new Ambassadors for Peace (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - July 20, 2021 pdf)

Inauguration Assembly of Association of Academicians for World Peace in Brazil (Simao Ferabolli - August 22, 2021 pdf)

International Association for Peace and Economic Development Launch in Brazil (Simao Neudir Ferabolli - September 21, 2021 pdf)

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