The Words of the Ferrantello Family

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Dr David Kim's Birthday party for UTS Alumni and Friends-Nov. 14 (Anthony Joseph Ferrantello - November 6, 2009)

God Guided Me to Become a Chaplain (Donna Ferrantello - August 2010)

Barrytown / UTS is True Parents’ Signature Project and Sacred Property in America (Donna Ferrantello - November 19, 2013 pdf)

Do we want UTS/Barrytown to be successful? (Donna Ferrantello - February 22, 2015 pdf)

A Seminarian’s Case against the Common Core Curriculum (Donna Ferrantello - June 3, 2015 pdf)

Anthony and Donna Ferrantello speak at Westrock Church (Douglas Burton - November 15, 2015 pdf)

UTS Alumni and Leaders attend Values Voter Summit in D.C. (Donna Ferrantello - September 21, 2016 pdf)

My Recommendations for Continued UTS Success (Donna Ferrantello - January 5, 2017 pdf)

Anthony Donna Ferrantello attend Conservative Political Action Conference (Donna Ferrantello - March 21, 2018 pdf)

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