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Dr David Kim's Birthday party for UTS Alumni and Friends-Nov. 14

Anthony Joseph Ferrantello
November 6, 2009

Dear Alumni and Friends:

This time of year is Dr. David S.C. Kim’s birthday (solar calendar: Nov. 9th and lunar calendar in Dec.). In addition, this is the 50th year anniversary for his American mission (September 18, 1959). We want to appreciate all that he has done and how special he is.

He is so pleased with all the assistance on his Poughkeepsie home and would like to make copies sometime of his 90th Birthday celebration to send to all donors for this project. For Alumni and Friends who would like to attend a personal celebration for Dr. Kim Saturday, November 14th, at 1:00 pm at the Orient Buffet in Poughkeepsie Plaza on Rt. 9 in Poughkeepsie, NY, please RSVP to Robert Brooks. For those who can’t make it on such short notice, there may be another celebration on his lunar birthday (we should all celebrate two birthdays!)

Here is the Latest Progress report on the Poughkeepsie House:

Due to many rainy days that allowed water entry at the third floor dormer, President Kim called me last week to say that he wanted to do the roof right away -- and not to worry about not having enough funds available at this time. Available funds for re-roofing are presently $900 +/-. Grandpa Kim volunteered to use his Home Depot credit card to purchase roofing material. Since he has a tax exempt card, he presented a convincing argument that this would save significantly on building materials -- estimated at $2500.

It seams I found a local reputable father and son roofing contractor who does only roofing work. Steve Kearney and I met roofer at Grandpa Kim’s house today at 12 Noon -- at the appointed hour. After formalities and a brief talk, he and Steve went up on the roof and took measurements. We then developed the following strategy:

The roofer will provide a quote for labor only. We would purchase sufficient 30 year warrantee asphalt shingles all other building materials for the 2200 square feet roof area. As old homes are full of surprises, this one is no exception. We knew that the present asphalt shingle roof had outlived its useful life quite some time ago and had to be removed and replaced with new roofing. Upon close inspection of the roof today, the surprise was that whoever did the re-roofing 25-30 years ago placed asphalt shingles over the original wood shakes on wood strips. This means that we’ll need to remove two (2) layers of roofing materials and wood strips. Then we’ll need to install new plywood sheathing followed by ice and water shield, roofing felt paper, and finally new asphalt shingles. It seems this effort is in keeping with our traditional efforts to restore the sins of the past.

Later on in the day, the roofer diligently went to his office work work-up his quote and the rest of us went to lunch at the now famous all-you-can-eat Orient Buffet that Grandpa Kim is fond of -- where we always eat joyfully and voraciously for our many ancestors.

After lunch we went to the Poughkeepsie Home Depot to purchase roof fiber cement so that Steve could patch that portion of the high dormer roof that allowed water entry. This is a temporary solution to keep water out -- that should last for a month or two. This will buy us time until the roofer can start work. The roofer did say that the earliest he could start work was the second week of December -- as he already had projects to finish before we called him. He assured us that he does roofing projects all year round. I checked his references. He is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and there is not one complaint lodged against him. We met him and he appears to be a straight shooter.

We await his fee proposal so as to review, negotiate if we must, charge him with the work if the price is right or let him go if too high. We anticipate the cost to be around $6000.

Please remind friends, alumni and colleagues, who have not had an opportunity to donate, and would like to -- please write checks to UTS Alumni Association along with sending your e-mail; so that UTSAA secretary, Robin Graham, can e-mail a tax-deductible receipt. Please also include your addresses and telephone numbers, so that we can update our alumni lists.

Respectfully Submitted,

For UTS Alumni and Friends

Anthony Joseph Ferrantello, Architect
UTS Class of ‘83 

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